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Texas Sage


Shop Texas sage at a reasonable cost. It is a perfect flowering hedge plant with bright pink flowers. Texas plant has evergreen shrub with attractive sage green foliage.

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Texas Sage


Buy the Texas Sage plant from our Santhi online plants nursery website. The Texas sage plant is a popular flowering hedge & best plant for garden. Leaves are simple, soft, sage green ie, grey-green color & flower blooms in bright pink color all around the year. This plant is a small to medium-sized shrub. You can purchase a variety of hedge plants from our online garden store.


Plant Details

Common Name: Texas Sage

Scientific Name : Leucophyllum frutescens

Family: Scrophulariaceae 



The Leucophyllum frutescens are perfect flowering hedge plants, Border crops & rock garden plants.

Additionally it best plants for garden ( home garden & terrace garden) & ornamental plant.


Plant Care Instructions 

Soil: This hedge flowering plant thrives in a wide range of soil with a good drainage structure.

Watering: Water the Leucophyllum frutescens plants only during dry spells as they are water-conserving plants. It does not like over-watering.

Sunlight: As it is hedge plants thrive best at full to partial sunlight.

Fertilizer: No need to fertilize the plants. The application of organic compost is beneficial.

Pruning: The most essential operation in the texas sage plant. Prune the plants in early spring & helps the plants to grow more bushier.


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And above all customer satisfaction priority for us. For more details kindly visit our website www.santhionlineplants.com & grow sage green plants as hedges.



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