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Red and Yellow Flowers Combo - Santhi Online Plants Nursery

Red and Yellow Flowers Combo

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A big and bright show of color is guaranteed by the big and bright blooms. With their heat tolerance and drought tolerance, these plants are great choices for year-round color. Get the red and yellow combo flower plants @ your doorstep.


Red and Yellow Combo bags up

Nerium oleander Red

Ixora Red Mini

Jatropha Red

Hibiscus Red

Hibiscus Red two in one

Allamanda Yellow

Hibiscus Sandal

Nerium Sandal

Crossandra Yellow ( Kanakambaram)

Thorn Barleria – December poo Yellow


Note: Plants in the combo are grown in Nano cover with the best rooting.


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Red and Yellow Flowers Combo


Buy the Red and yellow flower plants combo from our Santhi online plant nursery website. The red and yellow flowers are perennial decorative houseplants with beautiful dark blossoms. These flowers are easy way to add a tropical flair to your garden & when you give minimum care to these plants, you will be rewarded with many years of lovely flowers. You can buy various colour combination plants from our garden store.


What does the combo of Red & Yellow flowers represent?  


Growing Red color flower plants & yellow flower plants together represent –  Jovial & Happy feelings. 

It brings a refreshing sense to your day-to-day life.




Planting red and yellow flowers attracts many beneficial insects such as honey bees & butterflies.

Easy-growing plants with beautiful flower plants.

These plants grow widely in home gardens & terrace gardens.

These are excellent ornamental dark flower plants & also grown as hedges.


Plant Care


Soil: The plants in this combo grow widely in any type of soil with a good drainage structure.

Watering: Water the plants when the top inches of soil seem dry to touch. Kindly remember consistent moisture over the soil helps the plant to be healthy.

Sunlight: This combo plant requires direct sunlight with partial shade of 2-3 hours.

Feed: Apply groundnut cake powder monthly once  around plants & also any compost top dressing helps plant growth faster.

Pruning & Repotting: Trim diseased, old foliage flowers & Repot the plants when the root ball grows out of the pot. 


About Us


We Santhi Online Plants have 250+ plants online at affordable cost. We deliver plants in well-packed condition & plants are delivered to your doorstep.

Hence we recommend buying plants online from us. And get home decorated with red & plant with small yellow flowers.





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