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Plant Combo For Health Home-Office - Santhi Online Plants Nursery

Plant Combo For Health Home-Office

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Aside from stunning additions to the indoor, most importantly these are the combo plants that bring good physical & mental health. Relieves stress & anxiety & promotes feeling fresh & green at indoors.


List of plants in this combo


  Cordyline Dr.Brown

  Philodendron oxycaridum Green

  Golden Money Plant

  Zamia Black – ZZ Plant


Note : Plants are sold along with self draining pots.Pot colour may differ.


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Plant Combo For Health Home-Office


Buy Plant combo for health home -office from our Santhi online plant nursery website. These plants are evergreen foliage plants with lush foliage of leaves. Health depends greatly on diet and exercise, but your environment holds another key to your health. As these plants provide a good amount of oxygen to the indoor environment & act as natural air purifiers. Each of these plants has health benefits such as cordyline, zamia plant benefits are help to remove pollutants and improve air quality. And Money plant & philodendrons promote mental health by green lush.


Specialty of these Best indoor plants for health


Excellent Air purifiers – Natural

Brings wealth & prosperity

Promotes oxygen

Vastu plants for home

Good ornamental plant for home & office

Low-maintenance indoor plants.


Plant Care – For the best indoor plants for health


Growth Medium: These plants grow well in well-drained soil or organic pot mix medium

Watering: Water the plants only when the top inches of soil dries by finger dip method as the plants require water.

Light Requirement: Medium Indirect light is enough for these plants to thrive well.

Plant Placement: This plant combo for health home – office placement can be at table tops, office desks,meeting hall, north-east facing windows, kitchens, reading rooms & others related.

Feed: The application of any good liquid organic fertilizer helps the plant to grow lushly.


About Us


We Santhi Online Plants have 250+ pot plants online at a reasonable cost. Get plants that purify the environment & move forward with greenery rather than AC.


For others Kindly visit our website & to get the plant benefits of Zamia, cordyline, philodendron & money Plant.




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