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Top 4 easiest to grow plants - Santhi Online Plants Nursery

Top 4 easiest to grow plants


Buy the best air purifiers and top 4 indoor plants with ornamental values. These plants give the perfect look for office & interior decorations indoor. Get the plants at just Rs.611


The top 4 easiest-to-grow to grow plants bags up



  1. Philodendron Paraiso verde
  2. Aloe vera ‘Black Beauty’
  3. Rhoeo spathacea compacta
  4. Philodendron pink princess



Note : Plants in this combo are sold in self-draining pots.



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Top 4 easiest to grow plants


Buy the top 4 easiest to grow plants from our Santhi online plants nursery website. These plants are the fastest-growing indoor plants for the home. All these are indoor plants for oxygen. The plants in this combo embrace your indoor space like nature. These are the most suitable plants for any kind of indoors both house or office environment. You buy a variety of air purifier plants from online plant shopping & get your environment pollution-free.


Plant Description 


Philodendron Pink Princess: Adorable beauty with baby pink & dark pink mixed leaves.

Aloe Vera ‘Black Beauty’: It is a succulent with fleshy dark-colored leaves having a slight purple hint. It is an excellent plant for pot growing.

Rhoeo Spathacea Compacta: The leaves are a dark teal-tinged forest green on top and vivid violet underneath. The small white three-petaled flowers are hidden in boat-shaped purple bracts.

Philodendron Paraiso verde: It has heart-shaped foliage  and can grow quite large, it makes a visually appealing indoor plant.



The plants in this combo are fast-growing plants & best indoor plants for the home.

All of these 4 plants are indoor plants for oxygen with low maintenance.

Plant placement can be both in hanging pots or indoor environments.

Plant Care


Soil: This combo plant grows well in good aerated soil medium or organic pot mix with sufficient drainage.

Sunlight: All the 4 easiest plants to grow indoors require indirect light of about 2-3 hours.

Watering: Water the plants only when the top inches of soil seem dry to touch.

Feed: Application of any organic compost or manure 

monthly once as top dressing to the plants.


About Us


We Santhi online plants have 300+ online plants at reasonable cost. Hence we produce plants through natural & organic methods. We deliver plants online all over India & you can get plants at your doorstep.

For more details kindly check our website & get quality indoor plants for home



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