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Philodendron Violin Pot Plant - Santhi Online Plants Nursery

Philodendron Violin Pot Plant

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Buy the rare philodendron species & climbing plant. It is commonly called a home air purifier and get a variety of philodendron plant species from us at a reasonable cost. Place your orders soon this plant stock is limited.

Box Contains:

  • Philodendron Violin Plant with Pot: 30 – 35 cm
  • Pot Type: Self Watering Pot
  • Pot Size: 5.5 inch diameter
  • Growth Media: Decomposed Coco Peat + Organic Manure + Vermicompost

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Philodendron Violin Pot Plant


Buy the Philodendron Violin pot plant from our Santhi online plants nursery website. This is an indoor philodendron & home air purifier that grows as a climbing plant. The philodendron violin pot plant has stunning foliage & leaves that grow about 2 feet in length & take on a violin shape.Get the best air purifying indoor plants from our online plant shopping website.


Philodendron Violin Plant Benefits 


The Philodendron violin is easy to look after houseplant and is ideal for beginners or spaces like offices.

It is one of the NASA-approved home air purifier plants.

In general air purifying indoor plants cleanses benzene, toluene & other pollutants.

This indoor philodendron gives a stunning vibrant look through violin-shaped leaves.


Plant Care


Soil: This plant thrives well in organic pot mix or well-aerated soil.

Watering: Water the plants for 2 to 3 days once the top inches of soil seem dry to touch. As the philodendron plants are air purifier plants.

Sunlight: The light source for this philodendron is bright indirect light.

Feed: Application of any liquid organic fertilizer as foliar spray.

Pruning: Philodendron is essential for maintaining its health and appearance. Prune to remove dead or damaged leaves, encourage new growth, and control the size and shape of your plant.


Santhi Online Plants 


We have 300+ varieties of online plants. We deliver plants all over India at a reasonable cost. Our plant production is through natural & organic & the growth medium we use is cocopeat organic potting mix & nano covers.

For more details kindly check our website & get the best air purifying indoor plants from us.









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