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Vad Pot

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Banyan trees are commonly grown as houseplants and are well adapted to indoor environments. Although the banyan tree is better somewhat pot bound, it’s a good idea to repot this plant at least every two to three years.

As a houseplant, the banyan tree prefers well-drained but moderately moist soil. The soil should be allowed to dry out between waterings, at which time it needs to be thoroughly saturated. However, caution should be taken to ensure that it doesn’t sit in water; otherwise, leaves may yellow and drop.

Provide the banyan tree with moderately bright light and maintain indoor temperatures around 70 F. (21 C.) during summer and at least 55-65 F. (10-18 C.) throughout winter.

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2 reviews for Vad Pot

  1. Prabakaran R

    Good plant ..I received

  2. deva

    I would highly recommend Happy Plants! The drive-thru event was really well organised, safe and all staff friendly and helpful. And our plants are great! Brilliant service, we’ll definitely be back!

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