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Money Plant Variegated - Santhi Online Plants Nursery

Money Plant Variegated

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The Money plant variegated is the perfect good luck plant for all types of gardeners. We have 8 varieties of pathos variety you can select your best ones. Get the plants online at an affordable cost from us.


Plant Feature: Good Luck Bringing pathos.

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 Money Plant Variegated


Buy the Money Plant Variegated from our online plants nursery website. The variegated money plant online has beautiful variegated glossy foliage. This pathos is autotrophic feeding the nutritions on their own. This pathos variety belongs to the largest family member. We have different varieties of money plants online you can buy from us.


Variegated Money Benefits

1. Best plants for both indoors & outdoor

2. One of the NASA-approved air purifier plant

3. Best Vastu plant & Luck bringing houseplant

4. These plant varieties are low maintenance plant species.


Plant Care 

Growth Medium: This variegated money plant grows best in both water & soil without any nutrient supplements. This plant is lucky plant 

Water: Pathos thrives best with moderate water application.

Sunlight: The money plant online thrives well in natural indirect light.

Plant Placement: The pathos placement in the southeast direction is considered a lucky plant for a home. Brings wealth, and prosperity to the home.

Feed : Money Plants does not require regular feeding, application of organic manure monthly once around the plants.


Santhi Online Plants

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And above all, we offer live plants & organic products that are eco friendly & bio degradable and do not harm the environment. For more details kindly visit our & get your favorite one.


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  1. Priyanga

    This money plant thrives best

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