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Kumizh-Gmelina Arborea Tree (White Teak) - Santhi Online Plants Nursery

Kumizh-Gmelina Arborea Tree (White Teak)

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Gmelina is a fast-growing,  deciduous tree that grows moderately large to a large deciduous tree with a wide-spreading canopy and numerous branches that form a sizeable shady crown. It can reach a height of 3 to 30 metres and occasionally even higher. This plant is available in online plant shopping.


Name: Gmelina Arborea
Scientific name: Gmelina Arborea
Origin: India, Myanmar, Thailand
Height: Up to 30 meters
Family: Lamiaceae

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Kumizh-Gmelina Arborea Tree (White Teak)


Buy the Kumizh – Gmelina arborea tree ( white teak ) from our Santhi online plants nursery website. The white teak plant is a deciduous tree with a quick-growing nature. It forms a large shady crown with whitish-grey corky lenticellate bark, exfoliating in thin flakes. The Kumizh tree has brownish-yellow flowers in the terminal panicle & drupe fruits in an obovoid shape. The white teak reaches up to a height of 12 meters. You can buy different tree plants from our online plant shopping & get beneficial plants at your doorstep.


Plant Habit

 Dicot tree


Plant Part Uses 

Leaves, root, bark & fruit.


Kumizh – Gmelina arborea tree ( white teak ) Names in Other Languages


English : Candhar Tree, Coomb teak

Hindi : Gambhari, Khambhari, Bhadraparni भद्रपर्णी

Kannada : Shivanigida, ಶಿವನೆ Shivana, Hannu

Gujrati : Shivan, Seevan

Malayalam : Kumizh കുമ്പിള്‍, Kumpil

Marathi : Shivan

Oriya : Gambhari, Bhodroparnni

Tamil : Kumishan, Kumizhan, Kattanam,

Telugu : Peggummudu, అడవి గుమ్మడి 


Plant benefits


It is one of the Dashamoola group of herbs ( a group of ten roots)

The root of Gmelina arborea promotes digestive power and improves memory.

And the kumizh tree roots are useful in fever, dyspepsia, hemorrhoids, constipation, heart diseases, nervous disorders, piles, and burning sensations.

It is a good substitute for high-value teakwood.Yields quality timber.

Leaves are astringent, bitter, digestive, cardiotonic, diuretic, laxative, and pulmonary and nervine tonic.

Fruits contain butyric acid, tartaric acid, a small quantity of tannin & sugar. It treats data and pitta diseases

And its main crop, Border crop & hedge plants. 


Plant Care


Soil: The White teak plants thrive best in well-drained moist fertile soil. Natural reproduction takes place after the drupe fruits fall onto the ground.

Kindly remember plants does not thrive well in heavy clay or dry sandy soil.

Watering: Water the plants deeply until you see that the water is dripping at the bottom of the pot. Then, wait for the soil to dry before watering them again.

In large farming, watering is done through sprinklers.

Sunlight: The gmelina arborea requires direct sunlight & it also thrives in partial light.

Feed: Application of NPK using organic fertilizer to enhance plant growth.



 For pulpwood – 4 to 5 years after planting.

 For Logwood – 10-12 years after planting.


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