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Lovely Red Anthurium Set - Santhi Online Plants Nursery

Lovely Red Anthurium Set

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Get the Lovely Red Anthurium Set at a very reasonable cost. Anthurium plants are air purifiers & best ornamental plants. Get 5 Anthurium Plants at a single combo at an affordable cost of Rs.630/-


List of Plants in the Combo


1.Anthurium Verdun Red *1

2. Anthurium Tropical Red *1

3.Anthurium Red Dragon *1

4.Anthurium Mauritius Red *1

5.Anthurium Flame Red *1


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Lovely Red Anthurium Set



Buy the Lovely Red Anthurium set  from our Santhi online plant nursery website. These Anthurium red plants are blooms of different colors of heart-shaped red flowers. The waxy bloom is a spathe, or shield-like leaf.When in bloom, it protects the spadix, which contains several tiny flowers.Get wide range of anthurium online from us.Grab this exculusive offer.

Climate & Growth Medium 

In order for Anthurium to grow well, it requires a porous, well-drained, aerated soil with a high organic matter content. Anthurium online Plant will grow well under a green shade net with 70 – 80 % shade intention, 80 – 90 % humidity, 24 – 28°C temperature, and 15 – 22°C night temperature with 1500 – 2000 foot candles of light intensity.


Providing water and improving relative humidity through misting or over head sprinklers. Apply water three days once around the plants incase of hand watering.


Anthurium online plant requires indirect bright light.Avoid over explosure to sun light it may fade leaves or tip browning.


These plants are propagated through tissue culture or and also through suckers.


Top dressing of soil with vermicompost or any animal manure over the growth medium.


1.This exclusive offer provides 5 different red colors of Anthurium which removes indoor pollutants such as xylene, toluene & others

2. NASA recommended air-purifier plants online to cleanse your environment clean & fresh.

3. Anthurium plants are symbol of hospitality brings positive energy, good fortune & wealth to your home.

4. Perfect plants to gift your loved ones.Hurry for the exclusive offer.

About Us

We have about 20+ varieties of anthurium online plants purchase your favourite variety from our online plant shopping & grow beautiful plants around you. For more plants kindly visit our website & get your most liked variety.





2 reviews for Lovely Red Anthurium Set

  1. Priyanga

    Nice plants combo

  2. Prabakaran R

    Good combo for indoor garden lovers…… received my plants with good condition

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