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Indian coral tree (Kalyana Murungai) - Santhi Online Plants Nursery

Indian coral tree (Kalyana Murungai)


Coral trees need very little water. Too much water actually promotes a weak limb structure and subsequent breakage.
Pruning the tree in spring to remove the heavier stems or any damaged material will help prevent limb loss and trees from tipping.

Fertilizer is also not recommended when growing coral trees. Fertilizer also causes them to have aggressive growth that can cause problems later. Cover over the root zone with a good organic mulch, which will gradually leach a light dose of nutrients into soil over time.

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Buy Indian coral tree (Kalyana Murungai) plant from Santhi online plant nursery website.Indian coral tree (Kalyana Murungai) is an erect, thorny, much branched, medium-sized, deciduous tree that grows about 60-80 ft.

It thrives best in full sun on a deep, well-drained, sandy loam, but they tolerate a wide range of soil conditions from sands to clays. Indian Coral Tree can tolerate brief periods of waterlogging. Stem is smooth, greyish with large scattered conical prickles on the stem and branch.

The leaves are green, compound with three large triangular shaped leaflets and thorn. The leaf are 6 inch’s long , the leafless in during winter. Flower bloom in early January and till April. The flower are bright red and grown on spikes either alone or in cluster. The leaves are compound, with three diamond shaped leaflets, each about 6 in long. Before the leaves come out in late winter or early spring, coral tree puts on a spectacular show with bright crimson flowers 2-3 in long in dense terminal clusters. It may flower a little during the summer, too. The beanlike pods that follow the flowers are cylindrical,

Indian coral tree Flowering and fruiting are seasonal. Flowering occurs when the tree is leafless in the summer, and fruiting soon follows.

In Siddha medicine it is used especially for menstrual disorders and fissures at penis tip. Indian coral tree leaves are edible and cooked to make curries. The petals are used in red dye. To get more benefits use our Organic Pot Mix for Twice a month.

Health benefits of Coral Tree

1. Reduce cholesterol

2. Improve digestive strength

3. Relief from fever

4. Help fight obesity

5. Get relief in liver disorders

6. Cure women problems


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