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Indian Catmint Plant (Pei Mirati) - Santhi Online Plants Nursery

Indian Catmint Plant (Pei Mirati)

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  • Indian catmint plant is a perennial herbaceous shrub with a camphor fragrance and beautiful lavender coloured flowers. This plant is categorized under herbal plant, outdoor plant & ornamental plant.
    • COMMON NAME: Indian Catmint or Pei Mirati plant
    • SCIENTIFIC NAME: Anisomeles malabarica
    • FAMILY: Lamiaceae
    • SOIL: Well-drained with any type of soil in India.
    • FLOWERING TIME: In mid-October
    • ORIGIN: India & Sri Lanka

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Indian Catmint Plant (Pei Mirati)

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The blooms are in spike-like racemes 5-25 cm long and 2-3 cm wide. They are abundant, crowded, and virtually stalkless. The tube is large and bell-shaped, and the sepal cup is roughly 6 mm long, hairy, and pointed-toothed. The purplish flowers are 1-1.2 cm long and purplish. The upper lip is oblong-ovate, with two centre lobes, and the lower lip is oblong-ovate with two middle lobes. An infusion is effective for intestinal disorders and catarrh and intermittent fevers. The juice of the leaves can give children colic, dyspepsia, and teething fever. Perspiration may induce by inhaling the vapour of the hot infusion. Rheumatism is arthritis that can be applied externally as an embrocation.


  • Information during the Middle Ages; colds, influenza, and fevers increase sweating when consumed as herbal tea.
  • Catmint may also help with flatulence, diarrhoea, colic, and other paediatric illnesses and prevent miscarriages, early deliveries, and morning sickness.
  • However, the essential health advantage of catmint tea is the relaxing impact it has on the body.
  • Nepetalactone, found in CatmintCatmint, is related to the valepotriates found in valerian, a popular herbal sedative.
  • Therefore, this plant can help you relax, which can help you feel better and lessen anxiety, restlessness, and anxiousness.


  • Catmint is simple to maintain. Mulch will help to keep moisture in the soil and weeds at bay. Pinch back plants after they reach a few inches in height to encourage bushier growth.
  • You can buy CatmintCatmint on online plant shopping—catmint flowers in the summer and fall. Deadheading spent blossoms encourages more blooming.
  • It can also aid in the prevention of reseeding. Faassens catmint, on the other hand, is sterile and doesn’t require deadheading. Instead, in the fall or after harvest, shear the plants back to half their original size.
  • Catmint is a simple herb to grow. These plants are great for bulk planting or edging, and they’re great for keeping insects away from your vegetables, especially aphids and Japanese beetles.
  • Catmint can be cultivated in full sun or light shade, as long as the soil is ordinary and well-draining.
  • They’re also heat and drought resilient, which makes them ideal for dry gardens. Catmint is commonly cultivated from seed or division.


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