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Herb Nochi Plant-Nirgundi - Santhi Online Plants Nursery

Herb Nochi Plant-Nirgundi

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Nochi is a remarkable herb that has been utilised extensively in Ayurveda and Siddha for its excellent therapeutic properties and diverse purposes from ancient times. Nochi is also known as “sarvaroganivarini” or “all-cure” medicine. Nochi is a potent anti-inflammatory, vermifuge, alterative, and astringent herb. Buy this plant on online plant shopping.

Name:  Herb Nochi

Scientific name: Vitex Negundo

Origin: South Africa

Height: Up to 8m

Family: Lamiaceae

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Herb Nochi Plant-Nirgundi

Buy Herb Nochi Plant-Nirgundi Plant online from Santhi online plants nursery website.

In Tamil nochi, which translates to “white-chaste tree.” Nochi leaf is well-known for its ability to heal sinus infections. Online plant shopping is also available. The names are Karu and vellai nochi, respectively. The ones he’s watering are little, but they can grow to be 6 meters tall. Nochi leaves are naturally anti-inflammatory. They can utilize to treat swelling, arthritic pain, and bodily pain produced by an excess of Vata in the body. It takes care of both the pain and the inflammation. Adults: dissolve one teaspoon (5g) of Nochi leaf powder in a glass of warm or boiling water, strain, and drink. You can order this plant via online plant delivery. Nochi can use in the treatment of sinuses in two different ways: Nochi steam and Nochi cushion.


  • Nochi is a popular herbal remedy for headaches, blocked noses, and chest colds.
  • When inhaled while submerged in hot water, it provides immediate comfort.
  • There are numerous other advantages to using this herb.
  • First, it defends crops against insects.
  • Second, Anu tailam, which cleanses Kapha and mucus from the sinuses, nochi tailam, and rasnadi, which mitigates Vayu, help reduce headaches. F
  • finally, steam inhalation of nochi leaves boiled in water is quite calming when you have a stuffy nose and a heavy head.


  • Vitex, the chaste tree, is grown via softwood cuttings taken in late spring or early summer. You can buy plants online.
  • Take numerous cuttings, as some cuttings may not root.
  • Fill a jar halfway with gritty sand that has been moistened.
  • Moist but well-drained soil is ideal for chaste trees.
  • They are, however, more tolerant of dry or wet times once established.
  • When planting, water thoroughly to ensure that the soil around the root ball and the root ball itself is moist down to the base; buy this plant on online plant shopping.

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    Received herbal nochi at good condition

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    Beautiful healthy looking plant.

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    My plant are very good I m so happy

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