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Euphorbia Lactea-Cactus - Santhi Online Plants Nursery

Euphorbia Lactea-Cactus

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Welcome visitors we are producing our beautiful succulents & cactus from healthy green mother plants. It is the most special for all plant enthusiasts. And also we suggest that we offer beginner-friendly mother plants.Get this luck bringing cactus at just Rs.49/- per plant.

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Euphorbia Lactea-Cactus


Buy Euphorbia Lactea- Cactus plant from our Santhi online plant nursery website. The Euphorbia Lactea -Cactus grows straight upright plant. Once the plant get matured trails over the pot & spines are sharpless. Flower blooms occasionally.

Details About Saplings

 Plant Type: Cactus

Variety: Euphorbia lactea

Full Height Plant: About 4 to 5 feet tall.

Plant Type: Flowering plant & perennial

Tolerance: Moderately tolerant to sun light & shade

Plant Growth: Moderate

Plant Care

Sunlight: Required Bright sun light of about 6-7 hours

Soil: Mixture of potting soil+ Coarse sand or gravel + Any other cactus growth medium

Other Growth Medium: Treated Cocopeat potting mix

Watering: Only the misting of plants thrives best.

Growth Zone: This variety plants thrive best at 10-11

Container Size: Small & wide of suitable size

Guide to Grow Euphoria Lactea

Ideal Plant Placement: Both indoors & outdoors

Plant Feed: Application of groundnut cake powder or any suitable organic fertilizer at the appropriate rate to euphoria plant variety.

Note: Do not over water & over fertilize the cactus plants.

Avoid growing this euphorbia plant in prolonged sunlight it may lead to sunburn.


  1. One of the best indoor & outdoor cactus
  2. And this euphorbia cactus plants are lucky bringing vastu plants
  3. You can easily multiply this variety by propagation of stem cuttings.
  4. Just cut the well grown stem & insert it into the growth medium.

 Euphorbia lactea- Cactus

 hindi: यूफोरबिया लैक्टिया-कैक्टस

kannada: ಯುಫೋರ್ಬಿಯಾ ಲ್ಯಾಕ್ಟಿಯಾ-ಕ್ಯಾಕ್ಟಸ್

tamil: யூபோர்பியா லாக்டியா-Kalli chedi

telugu: యుఫోర్బియా లాక్టియా-కాక్టస్

malayalam:യൂഫോർബിയ ലാക്റ്റിയ-കാക്ടസ്

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6 reviews for Euphorbia Lactea-Cactus


    Rare succulent

  2. Pravin kumar

    “Bringing nature home easily.”

  3. Priyanga

    Best website for online plants.

  4. Jisha

    Looking different

  5. Lakshmi

    Nice plant

  6. Prabakaran R

    Cactus lub♥️….. waiting for mine

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