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Cordyline Miss Andrea Pot Plant - Santhi Online Plants Nursery

Cordyline Miss Andrea Pot Plant

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The Cordyline Miss Andrea is a stunning foliage plant with broad leaves. It is one of the beautiful cordyline varieties and this plant is long-lived if maintained with proper care. Get this pot plant at an affordable cost from us.


Box Contains:

  • Cordyline Miss Andrea plant with Pot: 25 – 30 cm
  • Pot Type: Self Watering Pot
  • Pot Size: 5.5 inch diameter
  • Growth Media: Decomposed Coco Peat + Organic Manure + Vermicompost

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Cordyline Miss Andrea Pot Plant


Buy Cordyline Miss Andrea pot plant from our Santhi online plant nursery website. This variety cordyline terminalis has broad smooth lush foliage in mellow shades of cream, purple, and rich green with a compact leaf arrangement. Matured cordyline plant reaches height of about 3 to 5 feet in height. Get different varieties of cordyline fruticosa plant varieties from our online plant nursery website.




Cordyline Miss Andrea pot plant is an excellent houseplant with air-purifying properties.

The cordyline terminalis varieties are fast growing ornamental hedge plant.

It is one of the low-maintenance compact houseplants & cordyline fruitcosa plant care is beginner friendly.


Plant Care


Use well-drained soil or coco peat potting mix in a porous structure.

Water the cordyline plant when the top soil is dry to the touch. Not to water the plants often.

The sunlight requirement for this croton plant is direct bright sunlight of about 5-6 hours after placing the plant in an indoor place the plant in bright sun light spot.

Additionally feed th cordyline fruticosa plant care with vermicompost, and tree leaf compost once a month.

The cordyline fruticosa care is easy to care for.



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