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China Palm


China palm plant is a popular landscape plant with good fan-type leaves. This plant is categorized under Outdoor, indoor, ornamental, and crotons. 

  • COMMON NAME: China palm or Fountain palm
  • SCIENTIFIC NAME: Livistona chinensis
  • FAMILY: Arecaceae
  • SOIL: Thrives well in all types of soil.Preferably acidic to neutral pH.
  • ORIGIN: Southern China & Japan
  • PLANT HEIGHT: 5 to 8 inches

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China Palm

Buy China palm plants from Santhi online plant nursery website. This plant is an evergreen perennial plant with fan-type leaves. China palm plants are short growing but once it starts to grow to have a bushy appearance. Olive green leaves are glossy and segmented and they can grow up to 5 feet tall and 5 feet wide. This plant produces yellow-creamy inflorescence followed by small oval-shaped fruits. You can purchase this plant from our online plant shopping and grow well-growing palm varieties around you.

FERTILIZER: Application of any slow-release organic or bio-fertilizer for about two months once. Steamed bone meal powder can be applied to palm plants. The application can be done in diluted form.

PROPAGATION: Done through seeds or suckers (a division of stems)

REPOTTING: Repotting plants is not required often. Because these plants are slow growing. Select the pot large than the plant root balls. You can make repotting when the plant root ball grows out of the drainage holes.

 PRUNING: Remove the dead fronds at the bottom of the crown once a year or when you wish to prune.


  • China palm plants are considered as good looking compact ornamental plant
  • These palm plants have natural oxygen-promoting properties, increase indoor humidity, and improve air quality.
  • This plant helps to reduce stress and brings positivity to your home.
  • It is one of the low-maintenance croton plants.

China palm plants are the most popular nowadays, we offer these plants at affordable cost and you can buy best online plants from us.


  •  China palm plants require initially 6-7 inches of the pot to grow.
  • Use any type of soil with good drainage capacity. Check the pots for proper drainage holes.
  • Water the plants only when the top soil is dry to the touch. 
  • Palm plants require direct sunlight of about at least 6 hours of light.
  • Feed the plant with any organic fertilizer like vermicompost as a booster
  • Most importantly not use urea overdose. 

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