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Black Grapes Plant - Santhi Online Plants Nursery
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Black Grapes Plant


Sunlight: Full Sun

Soil: Well-drained soil

Water: Keep soil moist throughout the growing season

Temperature: 27 to 40 degrees C

Fertilizer: Organic pot Mix is available

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A black grape is a fruiting berry of the deciduous woody vines of the botanical genus grapes are actually green in color and are evolutionarily derived from the purple grape. Grapes can be eaten raw or they can be used for making wine, jam, juice, jelly, grape seed extract, raisins, vinegar, and grape seed oil. 

It needs for its good growth good soil and a great drainage system well-drained soil is preferable for its growth. 

It needs to be full of sunlight and regular watering once or twice a week to keep moisture in the soil. Light fertilizer is needed for this plant growth.

The varieties in the table below can be used for juice and jelly and some can be used for making wine. Of course any can be eaten fresh, and you might be surprised at the wide range of flavors!

  • Apply water only to the root zone. Avoid getting grape foliage wet as this can encourage many grape diseases.
  • Ornamental use: The plant is also used for ornamental purpose
  • Medicinal use: Grapes are the fruit of a vine (Vitis vinifera). The whole fruit, skin, leaves and seed of the grape plant are used as medicine.

Caring For Black Grapes plant

  • In the first couple of years, the vine should not be allowed to produce fruit. It needs to strengthen its root system before it can support the extra weight of fruit.
  • Pruning is important. Not only would vines run rampant without control, but canes will only produce fruit once.
  • Prune annually when vines are dormant, in March or April. This is before the buds start to swell, but when winter damage is apparent.


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