Vesicular Arbuscular Mycorrhizal (VAM) 500gm - Santhi Online Plants Nursery
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Vesicular Arbuscular Mycorrhizal (VAM) 500gm - Santhi Online Plants Nursery

Vesicular Arbuscular Mycorrhizal (VAM) 500gm

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Packing: 500 gm

Method of Appling:

The inoculum can be applied at 2-3 cm below the soil level at the time of sowing. Polybag seedlings(10 kg of VAM for 1000 kg of potting mixture) : Mix 10 kg of the inoculum with 1000 kg of potting mixture before sowing.

VAM is highly useful for crops like paddy, coconut, banana, sugarcane, cardamom, tea, coffee, Pepper, Turmeric, Garden plants, cereals, Pulses, Flowers and oil seeds etc.,

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Vesicular Arbuscular Mycorrhizal (VAM)

Vesicular Arbuscular Mycorrhizal (VAM) 500g is a fungus that has the ability to dissolve the phosphates found in abundance in the soil.

It provides the plants with the necessary strength to resist disease germs and unfavorable weather conditions. VAM will be active only near the roots of the plants. Our VAM can be used by applying on the roots, through nursery grow bags, or by mixing in compost.

Mix a teaspoonful of this into the topsoil of each plant container/pot. Water it well and regularly for these micro-organisms to survive and also multiply. You can improve your soil by applying this to your containers once in two months.

Lack of VAMs will reduce plant growth, but this again may be hard to determine in a paddock situation.

The VAM fungi do not cause any disease, so there is no discoloration or root distortion.

Application Of Dosage:

Mycorrhiza is often used by gardeners for sowing seeds, transplanting & bed preparation.

  • Nursery application 100 gm /sq. Meter: This inoculum can be applied at 2-3 cm below the soil level at the time of sowing.
  • At planting (20 gm/seedling): Apply at the time of planting.
  • For trees (200 gm/tree): Apply the inoculum near the root zone.



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