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Best Hanging Plants Combo - Santhi Online Plants Nursery

Best Hanging Plants Combo

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Our selection of hanging plants gives the best aesthetic look for the home & there will be talk about these plants at your home. It gives the best unique greenery look.


Feature of this Combo: 10 varieties of hanging plants in this combo which are self-growing plants with low maintenance.


Best Hanging Plants Combo Includes

  1. Alternanthera true yellow * 2
  2. Alternanthera green * 2
  3. Alternanthera parrot leaf * 2
  4. Peperomia pellucida* 2
  5. Tradescantia Rhoeo Green * 2
  6. Heterotis roundifolia Pink Lady * 2
  7. Pedilanthus green small leaves * 2
  8. Pedilathus tithymaloides Zig Zag plant * 2
  9. Callisia  Dragon tail * 2
  10. Tradescantia Zebrina* 2


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Best Hanging Plants Combo


Buy the Best Hanging plants combo from our Santhi online plants nursery website. This combo have evergreen 10 indoor plants variety, known for decorative foliage & bushy growth. The hanging indoor plants in this combo have different foliage growth with attractive foliage designs. You can buy a variety of indoor ornamental plants from our online plant shopping website & make your environment lovely.


Ornamental Values 


  • The Plants in this combo have compact growth suits best for hanging baskets or pots.
  • And the plants in this combo are fast growing low maintenance hanging indoor plants.
  • It gives an aesthetic touch to indoors & any garden areas.
  • Additionally, these plants include a variety of colors, textures, and shapes in your indoor or garden.


Plant Care


Soil: These indoor ornamental plants thrives best in well-aerated growth medium.

Plant Placement: Requires Hanging pot or basket or any grow bags in appropriate size & proper drainage holes. 

Watering: In summer days water the plants regularly and in the cold season water the plants on alternate days.

Sunlight: These plants need moderate sun light of about 2-3 hours.

Feed: The application of slow-release fertilizer gives the best results. Two months once application helps to get good foliage.


All About Us


We Santhi Online Plants have 200+ plants online at affordable cost. Our plants & products are eco-friendly which does not cause any harm to the environment.

Hence we recommend you to buy plants & products from our online garden store. For more kindly visit our website & make your indoor environment greener.


2 reviews for Best Hanging Plants Combo

  1. Priyanga

    Beautiful hanging plants.All the plants I received in perfect condition.And packing was good

  2. Swethapalani

    nice combo

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