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Acalypha Godseffiana Heterophylla - Santhi Online Plants Nursery

Acalypha Godseffiana Heterophylla

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Acalypha godseffiana Heterophylla is a fast-growing ornamental shrub that is often cultivated for its attractive dark green leaves with golden margins. We offer a variety of ornamental shrubs to decorate your garden space or outdoors.

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Acalypha Godseffiana Heterophylla


Buy the Acalypha godseffiana Heterophylla plants from our Santhi online plants nursery website. This Acalypha plant is a versatile ornamental shrub & is the best evergreen plant for home. Leaves are thread-like simple, alternate, dark narrowly elliptic, with golden toothed margins. It has the weeping habit. You can buy a variety of ornamental shrubs from our online plant shopping & grow beautiful plants.




It is one of the best evergreen plants for home

The Acalypha godseffiana Heterophylla plants are suited for tropical gardens, hedge decorations & border plants in landscaping.


Plant Care


Soil:  This plant requires well-drained soil of a wide range & organic pot mix.

Sunlight: Thrives best in direct sunlight or direct sunlight with shade.

Watering: As it is an ornamental shrub it requires watering weekly thrice on alternate days intervals.

Feed: Application of groundnut cake powder monthly once around the plants.

Pruning: Prune the Acalypha plants for 3 months once.


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