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Acalypha Copper Plant-Dragon Fire - Santhi Online Plants Nursery

Acalypha Copper Plant-Dragon Fire

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Buy Acalypha copper plant – Dragon Fire is a beautiful shrub with vibrant pink-red colored leaves. Stunning foliage makes your outdoor look contrast.

Plant Feature: Contrasting colorful ornamental foliage

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Acalypha Copper Plant-Dragon Fire


Buy the Acalypha copper plant -Dragon Fire from Santhi online plant nursery website. This acalypha plant has beautiful copper & pink colored leaves with red veins. Plants grow straight up to 10 to 15 feet in height. Side branches and upright branches eventually droop aside. And red leaves are big and its edges are saw-toothed. This dragon fire acalypha has a woody reddish stem. You can buy a variety of croton plants from our online plant store & make your house decorative.



  • Acalypha Copper plant -Dragon Fire’ are ornamental hedges to give a greater look to your environment.
  • One of the best border plants in landscape & garden areas.



  •  Acalypha plant require 6 -7 inches of the pot to grow.
  • And soil needs to be well-aerated soil
  • Water the plants regularly so as not to make the soil soggy.
  • The sunlight requirement for this plant is direct Sunlight of 50-60%
  • In the growing season feed the plant with any organic fertilizer gives best results.


Precaution:  Not to ingest the leaves




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  1. Swethapalani

    Acalypha Copper Plant-Dragon Fire good plants

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