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Nerium oleander - Santhi Online Plants Nursery

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Nerium oleander

Nerium oleander is a shrub plant or small tree which is originated from Europe and the Asian continents the nerium plant belongs to the family Apocynaceae. This is mostly grown in tropical and subtropical regions. This plant grows up to 2-6m tall. After perfect maturity, the stem is used to erect outwards. Nerium is highly popular for its fragrance. Nerium is also highly toxic. Due to its toxicity, it is untouched by cattle and goats.Thousands of years ago Nerium plant has been used for treatment purposes for cancer, and epilepsy, and also for healing wounds. This Nerium plant acts as an antibacterial for wounds.

nerium oleander

Arali Varieties


The Nerium plant consists of 10 varieties of Arali flowers such as single (red, white, rose) Double (Rose, white, red) white, pink, yellow, etc. Nerium plant is also of dwarf varieties such as petite salmon and petite pink. It is considered to be the best ornamental flower plant for the home.

Arali flower varieties

How to grow Nerium oleander 

Nerium oleander plants are propagated through cuttings. Initially collect the stems from the evergreen shrub and cut the leaves at the bottom and place them in a pot with soil mixed with coco peat after two weeks roots start to sprout.

It is also possible to grow through seeds but it takes longer time to sprout. But propagating oleander through seeds gives us a successive rate. But, nowadays mostly all prefer cuttings due to their faster germination.


Soil requirement for oleander 

They mostly grow well in acidic and neutral soil. PH level of soil should be 5.0 to 8.3. But these oleander plants can adapt to various types of soil conditions. It can also grow in poor soil conditions.

soil for nerium oleander

Water requirement for Oleander

Nerium oleander is considered to be a drought-tolerant plant. It is sustainable to survive without water. But once if leaves start to fall it is completely necessary to irrigate at optimum level. We can water the plants with three days gap continuously until the leaves' abscission stopped.

water nerium


 Nerium oleander is also possible to grow in heavy sun. They can tolerate it even in summer. And it is intolerant to frost conditions. In winter time it is better to keep the plant in a dry area. Heavy sunlight gives the best results to plants. In lack of sunlight, plants become lanky. (Thin and Tall) in nature. So, Nerium oleander always requires an optimum level of sunlight to give successive rates of growth.

sunlight requirement for nerium

Arali flower

 Arali flower consists of five petals which bloom in clusters and at it started to bloom at the beginning of summer until autumn. There are various colors in ] the Arali flower such as pink, white, yellow, salmon, peach, red and light pink, etc. If it is not blooming properly sufficient water and light is necessary. Needs weeding for proper plant growth.

Arali flower


 Induce cow manure, vermicompost, and goat manure at the bottom of the plants to enhance the growth of plants.



 Cut down the well-grown branches up to 50cm. Saw used for removing hard woods. And also remove the thinner branches from the base.It is good & easy growing flower plants for home.

Pruning done one year after plantation.

Nerium pruning


Repotting is essential for the Nerium plant because few soil types are unfit for its growth.

Nerium repotting

Benefits of oleander

  It treats cardiac problems, Menstrual pain, corn, cancer, asthma, and seizures.

  Oleander acts as a pollution controller plant.

   It is one of the best flower plants for home.

Growing Nerium oleander on highways and at any outdoor place makes the environment pollution free.

Flower plants for home

Stop deforestation and do afforsetation for more rain and oxygen which lead us to live a prosperous and healthy life.

Plant a tree, plant a life.

Nerium oleander-flower plants

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