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Money plant

Money plants are commonly called pathos or devil’s ivy. This plant is well known indoor, ornamental, air-purifier & foliage plant.

money plant

Types of money plant

The types of money plants are evergreen perennial climber plants with heart-shaped waxy leaves. Popular varieties are such golden money plant, marble prince, marble queen, N’joy money plant& Neon money plant.

types of money plant

Golden money plant

This plant has awesome leaf foliage and grows as a climber plant with aerial roots. Leaves are medium to large.

golden money plant

Marble prince

It has small- medium leaves that are green with white shades & sharp edges. And this plant is considered a good luck plant. Reaches maximum up to the height of 20 meters tall.

marble prince

Marble queen

Leaves are small compared to the marble prince variety. Those leaves are green with a large area of white color shades. And this plant reaches a maximum height of 15 meters tall & spreads about 4 inches.

marble queen


The N’joy variety has a variegated and creamy white leaf appearance. The mature plant reaches a height of 11-12 feet.



This is a popular houseplant with golden-splashed leaves. Grows beautifully over pots or suitable containers.


Money plant in water

Propagation of this like aerial plants done by both in water, soil or a good organic growth medium.

Growing money plant in water is the easiest way. Take healthy stem cuttings with some sprouted nodes. Wash the roots gently and place them in water-filled containers. After 7 days new growth emergence starts.

money plant in water

Money plant indoor

The best place to grow this plant is indoor environments near windows, bedrooms, office tabletops, meeting rooms & others.

money plant indoor

Money plant Vastu

For Vastu money plant placement South-east direction brings luck & prosperity (mangal) to home.

money plant vastu

Plant care


This plants prefer to grow in well-drained good fertile rich in organic content or cocopeat potting mix.



Water the plant for 2-3 days once. As money plants require a regular intervals of watering.

money plant water


Requires about 3-4 hours of indirect bright sunlight both for indoor & outdoor environments.



Application of groundnut cake powder or vermicompost monthly once around the plants may enhance the nutrients & soil fertility.

Prefer to grow money plants using organic & natural fertilizers such egg shell around the plants & any foliar organic liquid fertilizer.


Support for Money plants

Indoor growing aerial root plants require support such as coir moss poles or any other poles, hanging plant pots, balconies, or living walls.

support for money plant


Done by stem cuttings or leaves.



 Transfer the plants to new large-size pots compared to older ones.


Trim the matured, large diseased plant parts not prune the plants often.



  • All the money plant varieties are air-purifier plants that cleanse indoor pollutants & toxins such as formaldehyde, benzene, toluene & others. 
  • These aerial root plants act as anti-radiators reduce the work stress produced by electronic devices & and also protect the eyes from computers, laptops & mobile phones.
  • Considered good luck bringing plants to home.

money plant benefit

By the way, not only this plant all the other plants for both indoor & outdoor environments are grown through organic methods of plant growing & Make the environment pollution free for living.

save green

Save greens & Save our planet!

Money plant air-purifier

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