Different Variegated Plants to beautify your garden - Santhi Online Plants Nursery
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Different Variegated Plants to beautify your garden - Santhi Online Plants Nursery

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Different Variegated Plants to beautify your garden

The different variegated plants decorate your garden most attractive & enhance your mood most positively. Do you think variegated plants are un healthy or not good? For sure answer is NO.

Different Variegated Plants

How do these plants get color?

In both indoor & outdoor plants have variegation. And its two types of variegation that is some plants have natural variegation & other one is man made.

Natural variegation

Many of the plant species can get variegation randomly by natural mutation changes this includes a lack of chloroplast and/ poor chlorophyll production. Other mosaic virus infections, and radiation exposure.

Different Variegated Plants

Artifical variegation

The most of the artifical variegation are specifically color exposure, it includes chemical changes ( growth regulators hormones) & results in cell mutation especially of lack of chlorophyll in specific regions.

variegated indoor plants

The beauty of these plants

The leaves variegation are in many colors such as white, red, pink, orange, light green & yellow. 

variegated indoor plants

Money Plant

This variegated money plant has white & yellow variegation and it brings harmony & wealth to home. Leaves are broad, and waxy & appear stunning in look. This plant thrives well in both indoors & outdoors. This plant thrives best in moderate sunlight.

variegtaed money plant

Variegated indoor money plant


It is one of the indoor beauty with white markings with different varieties like white, ming aralia. These are low maintenance indoor & outdoor plants that purify indoor toxins.

variegated money plant

Aralia variegated indoor plants online


This plant is widely planted as a beautiful house plant with broad leaves that have cream white colour at the edges & it sometimes spreads in between the leaves. Insulin variegated is a croton.

variegated lants online

Insulin variegated


Best choice of plant for landscaping. The leaves are beautiful variegated and lavender color flower showers. This plant grows as hedge plants & border plants.

variegated plants online

Duranta variegated plant

Hibiscus Red Variegated

Most beautiful flower plant with variegated red leaves & flowers are in bright red colors. This plant grows as shrub or small trees. It is an annual plant with heavy flowers yield.


Hibiscus red variegated plants online

 Water apple variegated

The fruits are fleshy,aromatic & juicy with variegated leaves at margins.

water apple

variegated water apple

Euphorbia & Pedianthus (devil's backbone)

This plant is popular among these plants, it has pink & white. The plant has zigzag stems to resemble a crooked back bone with ribs. This plant is a spurge & its plant with variegated leaves


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