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Aralia Variegated White - Santhi Online Plants Nursery

Aralia Variegated White

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The Aralia variegated white plant is the perfect hedge & popular croton plant to decorate your garden area. This Aralia plant is multi-stemmed and it belongs to the Araliaceae family which is one of the huge croton plant family. 


Feature Of this Plant: Best hedge, ornamental border plant, and popular Croton variety.

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Aralia Variegated White


 Buy the Aralia variegated white plant from Santhi online plants nursery website. These variegated aralia white plants are small tree-like croton plants. Leaves are variegated at the edges with a thick texture. The polyscias fruticosa Plants thrive best for both indoors & outdoors. We have varieties of aralia plants you can buy from our online garden store & grow beautiful plants around you.


Plant Speciality

Aralia polyscias fruticosa plants are air-purifying indoor & outdoor plants.

It is one of the ornamental hedges & border plants for landscaping.

And also one of the popular croton plant varieties.


Plant Care for Polycias fruticosa


Soil : The Aralia white plant requires well-aerated soil or coco peat potting mix.

Watering: Aralia plant varieties require consistent moisture content at the growth medium. Water the plants weekly thrice on alternate days.

Sun light: This Croton plant needs a medium to indirect sunlight.

Fertilizer: Aralia croton plants are not heavy feeders but they require regular feeding of organic fertilizer monthly once around the plants.

Pruning: To get the desired size regular pruning is required for two months once. 

Repotting: Transfer the plants to a new big size pot compared to the old ones.



Not to Eat the leaves. Keep the plants away from pet animals and children.


Santhi Online Plant Nursery

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  1. Priyanga

    Vibrant colour.Good looking plant for my garden

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