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Hibiscus Red Variegated Plant - Santhi Online Plants Nursery

Hibiscus Red Variegated Plant


Buy the hibiscus red variegated plant with beautiful red leaves & flowers. We offer a wide range of hibiscus plant varieties at budget friendly cost at your doorstep. Get plants online from us.


Plant Feature: Variegated reddish pink leaves with big red flowers.

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Hibiscus Red Variegated


Buy the Hibiscus red variegated plants from our Santhi Online plants nursery website. This tropical hibiscus plant is an evergreen shrub with eye catching big red hibiscus flower. The red leaf hibiscus are tender annual shrubs or small trees. This plant is said to be ‘Red hot variegated’ which has features of variegated red, green, white, and pink foliage, as well as red flowers with frilled margins.


Plant Details


  • SCIENTIFIC NAMEHibiscus rosa-sinensis variegated red
  • BLOOM TIME: All-season flower
  • PLANT HEIGHT: 5 to 8 inches.


Key Featured of Hibiscus red variegtaed


Ornamental flower & foliage

Cut flower and loose flower

Medicinal plant

Pooja Flowers

Perfect Hedge plant

High Yielding with low maintenance 




  • Place this red flower plant in a pot size of 6-10 inches
  • This tropical hibiscus plant requires soil growth medium as acidic soil with cocopeat.
  • Water the plants generally for 2-3 days once.  
  •  The red leaf hibiscus needs direct sunlight for about 6-8 hours. 
  • Apply turmeric powder water spray in case of mealy bug infestation.
  • Apply organic fertilizer as cow manure and vermicompost for 15 days once.
  • The red leaf hibiscus thrives best at outdoors.




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