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Betel Leaf 

In India from the ancient years’ the betel leaf plant has an important role. This betel leaf plant or vetrilai leaves is the ‘miracle herb’ that plays a major role in rituals, pooja’s, medicinal, lucky bringing houseplant & major horticulture intercropping plant.

betel leaf

Herbal Plants

India is the origin of most of the herbal plants. In that order, betel leaf plants originated from the Asian continent India & Philippines. Most popularly grown in India, Srilanka, & Bangladesh.

herbal plants

Piper Betle

The common betel leaf plant is called piper betle,vetrilai, or wild betel. It is very essential auspicious herbal & climber plant.

In South India, Attur vetrilai got a GI tag & its most popular variety.

attur vetrilai

Plant Growth Habit

Leaves are heart-shaped. And the betel leaf plant is a creeper, climber perennial houseplant with ground covering habit. It is also a profit-earning plant within 4-6 months after planting yield will be obtained.

betel leaf plant growth


This plant belongs to piperaceae family (pepper) produces small white flowers those are called as catkins.

vetrilai flower

Paan Dessert

In India most of the rituals contain a famous dessert called ‘Paan’ie., Betel leaves are wrapped & chewed along with areca nut and tutti frutties. Chewing the betel leaf over time helps for easier digestion, acts as a mouth freshener & other enormous benefits.

piper betle paan

Plant Care


This piper betle plant loves to grow in well-drained organic potting mix or garden soil preferably sandy loamy or sandy clay pH of 5.6 to 8.2 for better growth.

Potting mix- 1part of garden soil + 1 part of vermicompost + 1 part of cocopeat

piper betle soil


This herbal plant loves to grow in moist hot & humid conditions. Needs daily regular watering. Keeping the soil moist to the touch helps the plants to grow faster.

And also remember betel leaf plant fails to grow in water-logged & drier conditions.

herbal plants watering

Planting Season

Probably planting season to be spring & early summer. But in India, betel leaf plants are all-season growing plants.

betel leaf planting season

Plant Placement

These climber plants placement in hanging pots, and deep containers with proper drainage holes.

In addition to this plant placement in both indoors & outdoors with minimum sunlight & good shade area.

soil for piper betle


Place the betel leaf plants in east or north-facing directions to receive indirect & partial sunlight to receive better production.

sunlight required for vetrilai


The fertilizer required for growing betel leaf plants is organic fertilizer. Occasional fertilizer application results in the best growth.Like fertilizer application once in a couple of months.

Nitrogen-rich organic fertilizer such as cow manure, FYM, and vermicompost helps to grow vetrilai healthier & faster.



Easily propagated through stem cuttings & also through water by leaves.

Use the sharp sterilized knife & make 6 to 7’’ inches slanting cuts from the vetrilai plants. And plant the cuttings in a growth medium. Rooting emerges within 15 days of planting.

betel leaf cuttings


After 1 month of planting betel leaf needs support for their climbing such as through wooden sticks or moss poles.

training of vetrilai


Keep plucking the leaves from the bottom parts of the plant. And also remove dried matured unwanted leaves.

pruning herbal plants


This plant is intercropped with banana, rubber, areca nut, and coconut plantations.

betel leaf intercropping

Pest & Diseases

Red Mites & Mealybugs

Occasionally these two pests affect the betel leaf plants. Application of neem oil in smaller quantity.

red spider mite

Bacterial Blight & Leaf spot

Remove the affected leaves from the plants immediately.

diseases of betel leaves


  • Betal leaves are miracle herb that majorly helps in digestion, refreshes the mouth, boosts digestion, & reduces headache.
  • It is having anti-oxidant, anti-septic, anti-inflammatory, anti-ulcer & anti-infective properties.
  • This cures fungal infections, diabetics, allergies, & pains.
  • Most beneficial fast-growing herbal plant with low maintenance.

benefits of betel leaves


After 2-3 months of plantation leaves are plucked along with petiole by hands.

harvesting betel leaves


Expected yield of this herbal plant is around 25000 to 35000 bundles per acre.

betel leaves yield

Growing herbal plants improves heart health, mental and physical health. Just by keeping herbal plants alive for even a couple of months, you will enjoy the highest return on your investment.

Going green is the most cost-effective way to live!

Betel leaf herbal plant

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