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Betel Leaves Plant (Vetrilai) - Santhi Online Plants Nursery
Due to some logistical issues, the dispatch will be after 10 working days. Thanks for your understanding and support.

Betel Leaves Plant (Vetrilai)

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The Betel Leaf, also known as Magai Paan, is an Indian creeper with glossy heart-shaped leaves. With a bit of care, it is relatively easy to cultivate, even for new plant parents. Allow it to climb or trail, and it will be an excellent addition to both your collection and your eating habits, as it is known to chill the body and supply a variety of nutrients. You can buy this plant in an online nursery.
Name: Betel Leaf Plant
Scientific name: Piper beetle
Origin: Southeast Asian
Height: Up to 90cm
Family: Piperaceae

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About Betel Leaf Plant 

Buy Betel Leaf Plant (Vetrilai) online from Santhi online plants nursery website.

Betel leaf may call as “Paan” in India, is a deep green vine with heart-shaped leaves that may use in India. The scientific name of the betel vine is Piper betel. Paan is a member of the Piperaceae family. Buy this plant on online plant shopping. There are around 90 types of betel vine worldwide, with about 45 varieties found in India and 30 in West Bengal.

Paan/Betel leaves have high export potential, and India exports betel leaves to its neighbours. Betel leaf thrives in tropical climates with considerable rainfall, and shady locations are ideal for its rapid development.Get betel leaf plant online at affordable cost


  • The leaves are beneficial for eye inflammation as well as headaches caused by eyestrain.
  • When the water is warm or cold, drink it.
  • Various anti-diabetic medications have long-term adverse effects on the liver and kidneys.
  • It aids in the treatment of diabetes.


  • Paan (betel leaf) can grow in various soils.
  • Buy this plant on online plant shopping.
  • When the ground can supplement with good organic matter, it produces the best growth and yield.
  • The soil should also have sufficient drainage.
  • Again, you can buy this plant in an online nursery.
  • Land can rise 5 to 10 cm above surrounding regions and plough soil four to five times to provide appropriate drainage.
  • Field beds of various sizes can prepare.
  • Before planting the betel leaf cuttings, make sure the ground can sanitize.
  • Under open system cultivation, October is the ideal month for betel leaf planting.
  • In India, however, the growing season for betel leaves differs from state to state. 

5 reviews for Betel Leaves Plant (Vetrilai)

  1. savana

    Quick delivery great service! Thank you.

  2. sagar mayekar

    bring it in stock

  3. Varsha Chaudhary

    I m happy, received in 2 days , very healthy plants 😊

  4. Lakshmi



    Order #45096 was placed on February 4, 2023 total 10plants…3guava, 1sitafal, 1betle leaf, 1cherry , 2balaji 🍋, 1parijat, 1jasmin plant.
    Shipped on 9th feb from Villupuram, TN to Asansol, WB.
    Recieved from dtdc desk(cant wait for home delivery delay)…. got plants this afternoon on 11th Feb around 4pm.
    My baby plants are healthy only one of the plant “castard apple” broke its head…… may be due to travelling shock ….. otherwise all ok for now…
    Plants sizes are 6inches in hight. Sent in laminated box 10 in 1, each & every plant in enough moistened cocopeat disposable small growbag (but more care should have been taken as I found many growbags are torn and plant roots are exposed much in air as cocopeat scattered from growbag to the box during traveling. Hope those plants survive. Sizewise and quality prices are perfect.
    Thanks a lot again.
    N. B:- At least I found one reliable online plant store who sent plants with care(little more needed I suppose) and acceptable prices

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