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Anthurium flower plant is most famous in floral world. Anthurium andraeanum characteristic feature is an indoor ornamental plant with bright coloured spathe leaf. It can be propagated through seed, cuttings and tissue culture method.



Anthuriums flower has more 1000 species depending upon their foliage leaves. There are tropical anthuriums, anthuriums passion pink, anthuriums chocolate, flame red, Mauritius white and sunshine orange.

Tropical anthurium

Red anthuriums flowers symbolize hospitality. It's referred as Flamingo Lily or painters palette. Tropical anthurium possesses attractive long-lasting inflorescence. Spadix is too short.

Anthurium passion pink

anthurium passion pink

The pink colour plant is commonly referred to as an oilcloth flower and laceleaf. The pink colour flower calyx is too shiny to touch. Anthurium passion pink is a cut flower, potted flowering, foliage plant and an ornamental plant. Passion is a semi-terrestrial herbaceous plant. Pink flower leaves are long, tender, shiny and heart-shaped leaves.

Anthurium chocolate

anthurium chocolate

This Anthuriums is a monocotyledonous plant. Air-purifying plant nasa blooms arise from the leaf axil and produce flowers on each leaf which are too attractive. Anthurium chocolate flower leaves are long, Passion requires low temperatures and is popular as a pot plant. This plant is the ornamental shade plant and flower plant.

Anthurium flame red

anthurium flame red

It has a gorgeous look for its lovely blooming. Keeping Anthurium flame red fully indoors may not produce flowers, bright light is important to produce flowering. These look like shiny dark green and heart-shaped leaves.

Anthurium Mauritius white

anthurium mauritius white

This anthuriums plant gets its name as its little spirit of nature. Anthurium Mauritius white flowers blooms all year round. Its splendid appearance can reduce human stress. This anthuriums flower is a rare species. Anthuriums flower plants are harvested a week. White petals resemble peace and positivity. Spathe has a gorgeous look.

Anthurium sunshine orange

anthurium sunshine orange

Anthuriums andraeanum plant is a NASA air purifier plant. Even every leaf carries flowers which are a sunshine orange colour. Anthurium sunshine orange is an evergreen tropical shrub flower. This flower is mainly used as focal arrangement for its colourful spathe. This is one of the best vastu plants.



Love to grow in well-drained soil which can prevent the rotting of roots and stem. Anthurium andraeanum has an epiphytic aerial roots system. Anthuriums flamingo flower well grown in coconut husk.



Anthuriums requires regular watering. This is a moisture-loving plant. Flamingo flower fleshy roots absorb huge water. Prompt watering enhances shoot growth. Watered in the early morning. Maintain relative humidity ranges between 70-80%.


sunlight for flower plant

If planted as an indoor plant the pots placed near window sides (southwest direction) to getting best sunlight. If a garden plants needs bright light but not exposure to direct sunlight. Bright light enhances the bright colour spathe, velvety leaves.



Application of well-decomposed organic manure at two months intervals. Flamingo flower soil mixed with manure, coco peat, and dried leaves. Add banana peels contain phosphorous, iron and calcium.


repotting flower plant

Repot the anthuriums plant at one year intervals. After six months the plant is ready for transplanting. At the time of repotting gently remove the plant from pots without damaging the root parts.



Prune the dried and old leaves. Remove the dried or mature flowers. Avoid over prune the plant.


Best air purifier plants proved by NASA.
Makes the environment with positivity.
This plant reduces human stress.
Its leaves clean the air from formaldehyde and xylene.
This plant produces oxygen.
Easy to propagate by tissue culture methods.

“Go green or we all will scream”
Anthurium andraeanum air-purifier plant
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