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Anthurium Flame Red - Santhi Online Plants Nursery

Anthurium Flame Red

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Anthurium flame red commonly called Flamingo Lily is a herbaceous evergreen plant which can grow at a height of 40cm. The red anthurium plant is rather hardy compared to its cousin spathiphyllum. Red anthurium plants have thick and dense roots.

  • COMMON NAME: Anthurium flame red
  • SCIENTIFIC NAME: Anthurium andraeanum
  • FAMILY: Araceae
  • SOIL: Well-drained aerated soil
  • ORIGIN: Colambia & Ecuador
  • PLANT HEIGHT: 5 to 8 inches.

NOTE: The size of the flowers and pattern can vary due to the variations produced by species

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Anthurium Flame Red

Buy the Anthurium flame red plant from Santhi online plant nursery website. The inflorescence is made up of waxy red spathe. They are the red, heart-shaped flower of anthurium that makes a good environment. Anthurium Araceae is a perennial plant. Red anthurium looks like a gorgeous flower.

FERTILIZER: Application of organic fertilizer manure or compost at weekly intervals. Banana peels can also apply.

PROPAGATION: Done through tissue culture or suckers

REPOTTING: After 4-6 months is ready to transplant

PRUNING: Prune-dried, mature leaves alone. No need to over-prune the plants.


  • Easy propagation methods.
  • Red anthurium improves air quality by removing airborne toxins such as ammonia and formaldehyde.
  • Anthurium Araceae are lucky plants which are associated with the strongest feelings of love.
  • Anthurium cultivars become, stress-free persons.

Anthurium flame red is the most famous nowadays and in high demand nowadays, we offer these plants at affordable cost and you can buy the best online plants from us.


  • Anthurium cultivars can grow in coconut husk or wood powder.
  • All parts of the plant are poisonous to humans because they contain calcium oxalate.
  • Anthurium prefers indirect bright light and can be kept in shady places and even indoors.
  • This plant requires indirect sun light.
  • Anthurium is far more tolerant of underwatering than overwatering, which is most one of the common reasons for an anthurium plant to die.
  • A weekly spray of neem oil with sufficient water. It is all about the anthurium flower.

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