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Anthurium Passion Pink - Santhi Online Plants Nursery

Anthurium Passion Pink


Anthurium passion pink is a cut flower, potted flowering and foliage plant as well as an ornamental plant. Passion is a semi-terrestrial herbaceous plant. Pink flower leaves are long, tender, shiny and heart-shaped leaves. Passion requires low temperatures and is popular as a pot plant. This plant is the ornamental shade plant and flower plant.

COMMON NAME: Anthurium passion pink
SCIENTIFIC NAME: Anthurium andreanum
FAMILY: Araceae
SOIL: Well-drained aerated soil
ORIGIN: Colombia and south africa
PLANT HEIGHT: 5 to 8 inches.

NOTE: The size of the flowers and pattern can vary due to the variations produced by species.

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 Anthurium Passion Pink

Buy the Anthurium passion pink plant from our Santhi online plant nursery website. This air-purifying plants nasa blooms arise from the leaf axil and produce flowers on each leaf which are too attractive. The pink colour anthurium plant is  also referred to as an laceleaf. The pink colour flower calyx is too shiny to touch.

FERTILIZER: For better growth of the plant add cow manure once a month.

PROPAGATION: Done through tissue culture, seeds, division and cuttings

REPOTTING: After 4-6 months is ready to transplant

PRUNING: Prune-dried, mature leaves alone. Maintain 4-5 leaves per plant


  • This plant is the best air purifier plants for home
  • This air-purifying plants nasa plant is mainly used for focal flower arrangement.
  • Passion pink is the worth seeing houseplant that produces oxygen.
  • Makes positivity for humans.

Anthurium Passion Pink Plant Care

  • Place this plant in the bigger pots to avoid overcrowded roots.
  • Remove the faded flower frequently.
  • Repot the plant for every two years.
  • Water the plants weekly once or twice.
  • This plant requires bright light but not direct sunlight

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