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Syngonium Maria Allusion plant - Santhi Online Plants Nursery

Syngonium Maria Allusion plant

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Syngonium Maria Allusion is an attractive houseplant with arrow head shaped leaves. This plant is categorized under indoor, air- purifiers, flowering plant & ornamental.

  •  COMMON NAME: Syngonium ‘Maria Allusion’
  •  SCIENTIFIC NAME: Syngonium podophyllum ‘Maria’
  •  FAMILY: Araceae
  •  SOIL:   Regular soil with coco peat as potting mix.
  •  SUNLIGHT: Indirect sunlight with shade
  •  ORIGIN: Latin America
  •  PLANT HEIGHT: 5 to 8 inches.

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Syngonium Maria Allusion plant


 Buy Syngonium ‘Maria Allusion’ plant from Santhi online plant nursery website. This ornamental plant is an aroid flowering plant with a good number of foliage. Leaves have pinkish-red veins, younger leaves are red colored. Flowers consists spike heads that are greenish-white appearance which occurs only when the plant gets matured. You can buy these good-looking Syngonium plants from our online plant nursery website and arrange your indoor environment with these pleasant-looking ornamental plants.


FERTILIZER: Apply all-purpose organic fertilizers vermicompost in combination with coco organic potting mix twice a month to grow good healthy plants.


PROPAGATION: Done through cuttings and also you can propagate through water and soil by leaves.


REPOTTING: Syngonium plants do not require repotting often. If required, repot once in 2 years requires 2 inches big size pot and fresh soil. Add sufficient potting mix along with regular soil. We have good organic products you can purchase from our online plant shopping and grow beautiful plants around you.


PRUNING: Pruning in this Syngonium plant should be done regularly. Remove the dead, diseased & matured leaves. Pinch back the stems to get bushy leaves in plants. We have a vast range of plants and products online that you can purchase from our online plant nursery website and grow all varieties of plants at your home.



  • Syngonium plants are air purifiers with good foliage. You can arrange this plant in an indoor space to remove toxins, pollutants & harmful chemicals.
  • It is one of the low-maintenance indoor plants.
  • This plant loves high humidity with regular misting.


  Syngonium Maria Allusion plants are the most popular & in high demand nowadays, we provide these plants at affordable cost and you can buy the best online plants from us.



  • Grow “Maria allusion”in 6- 8 inches pot or container. Check for proper drainage holes in pot
  • Syngonium plants requires regular misting of water.
  • Avoid the placement of plants in direct sunlight; it may kill the plants. This plant requires only indirect sunlight with shade. 
  • No need for much fertilizer application to these plants apply any home-based fertilizer like rice water, jaggery water, and others.


Other Related Plants Available:  Syngonium Arrowhead, Pink Syngonium, Syngonium golden allusion.



  • Leaves are toxic if ingested.
  • Keep away from the children and pet animals.



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