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Sweet Narthangai - Citron - Santhi Online Plants Nursery

Sweet Narthangai – Citron

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Buy the delicious sweet citron fruit plant PAN India delivery at a reasonable cost. This fruit can be eaten raw, pickled & salad dressing fruit. It is originally derived from the citrus family. Get plants online from us.

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Sweet Narthangai – Citron


Buy the Sweet citron plant from our Santhi online plant nursery website. These citrons are sweet fruits with a fragrant smell. The fruits are high yielding with large fruits. This fruit is derived from natural hybridization of citron fruit varieties. Get more citrus varieties from our online plant shopping website & prepare your dining table with sweet delicious fruits.

About Plant

Scientific Name : Citrus medica

Plant height: 5 to 8 inches

Fruit taste: Sweetest

Fruit Yield: Yield starts from third year

Plant Growth: Moderate. 

How to Sweet Citron Plant

Sunlight: Citrus fruit plants are sun-loving outdoor plants.

Soil: This Citrus medica varieties grow well in acidic pH soil with well-aerated sandy loam soil.

Water: Water the citrus plants weekly once twice during the juvenile stage, matured plant watering done by drip, sprinkler type of irrigation. For home garden citrus medica requires watering weekly once water the plants fully.

Fertilizer: Application of vermicompost or VAM can be given monthly once around the Sweet Narthangai – Citron plants. Apply water 2-3 hours after application of fertilizer.

This plant is suitable for all types of gardens.

We the Santhi Online garden store give the customer a 100% guarantee of satisfaction & happiness. Our online plants keep home to feel the touch of nature.

You can create a pleasant environment that reflects perfect greenery with the plants online. For more plants kindly visit our website www.santhionlineplants.com and make India green & clean.


3 reviews for Sweet Narthangai – Citron

  1. tejushirke01

    Very healthy plant

  2. Jisha


  3. Prabakaran R

    Good plant for terrace fruits growers…… received my plants with well rooted condition

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