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Song of India_Pot - Santhi Online Plants Nursery

Song of India_Pot

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The Song of India requires bright indirect sunlight, at least four hours a day. You will get the most vibrant leaf coloration in these conditions but be sure to remember that too much sun is a bad thing. It can cause scorch which will appear as browning of the leaf tips and margins.


Keep your plant’s soil moist but not soaked spring through fall. You should keep it less watered in the winter. Never overwater this plant as it can cause root rot. One issue to be aware of is the genus’ sensitivity to fluoride. A good practice is using bottled, or purified water to water your plants. A symptom of fluoride damage is yellow wilting on the leaf margins.


The Song of India should be fed bi-weekly in the spring and summer with a 10-10-10 water-soluble fertilizer diluted by half. No feeding is needed during the winter months.


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  2. Prabakaran R


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    arrived perfect! i gifted and they loved it.

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    Great plants

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