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Snake Plant 'Whale Fin'-Uprooted - Santhi Online Plants Nursery

Snake Plant ‘Whale Fin’-Uprooted

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Buy the best looking & excellent air purifier snake plant ‘whale fin’ at affordable cost. We offer a wide range of snake plant varieties. Get a beautiful snake plant family from us.


Plant Features: We will send one uprooted snake plant with healthy bulb & good rootings.


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Snake Plant ‘Whale Fin’-Uprooted


Buy the Snake plant ‘Whale Fin’ uprooted plants from our Santhi Online plants nursery website. The whale fin snake plant is a versatile houseplant with a whale fin-like leaf appearance. It is a native plant of Congo that has one single-leaf blade and requires zero maintenance. You can buy different snake plants air purifier from our one-stop solution for all your garden needs.


Key Benefits: The Sansevieria Snake plants are ideal plants to brighten up your bedroom and help you sleep better by breathing cleaner air all night long.


Plant Care for Snake Plant ‘Whale Fin’


Soil: The Sansevieria loves good drainage soil with a mixture of wood chips or pebbles. This plant loves to grow in water with due care.

Water: This Snake plant are perfect succulents remember to water them slowly & gently for about 10-12 days once as the water should reach the root ball region.

Sunlight: It requires only indirect sun light. 

Humidity & Temperature: This Plant thrives best at a wide range of temperatures & humidity 65-80 degrees Fahrenheit & indoor room temperature is best to grow.One of the perfect air purifier

Fertilizer: Application slow-release fertilizer during spring & dress the top layer with any organic manure and spread the organic manure evenly & water the plants.

Repotting: When the root begins to bulge in growth. This plant has a tight root system.


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We have 200+ plants online grown in biodegradable nano covers & organic pot mix as the growth medium. Hence we recommend you to buy plants online from us.

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  1. Priyanga

    Best plant. Received same as displayed

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