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Snake Plant 'Silver Siam'-Uprooted - Santhi Online Plants Nursery

Snake Plant ‘Silver Siam’-Uprooted

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Get the stunning ‘Silver Siam’ plants and decorate your indoor space with this rare plant species. This Silver Siam plant is called a ‘Tom Grumbley’ perennial succulent & zero maintenance plant.


Feature of this Plant: You will receive a good healthy Silver siam uprooted snake plant with bulbs & perfect rooting.


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Snake Plant ‘Silver Siam’-Uprooted


Buy the Snake plant ‘Silver Siam’ – uprooted from our Santhi online plants nursery website. The silver siam snake plant indoor is the perfect succulent has linear leaves that appear silver gray with white margins & green brands horizontally at the center. This Silver Siam snake plant is native to South Africa. It is a rhizotomous succulent that occurs in small clumps & the plant reaches a height of about 90 cm tall.


Key Benefits: It is the rare good luck plant for home, Additionally Snake plant silver siam is the perfect air purifier & ornamental indoors.


Plant Growth Tips for Snake Plant ‘Silver Siam’-Uprooted


Light: This snake plant indoor thrives best at low light conditions of about 2-3 hours of sun light. We recommend placing the plant in partial to indirect sun light.

Soil: It thrives best in well-drained soil or soil-less potting mix.It is indoor plant for good luck

Water: Water the snake plant indoors only when 2.5 cm of soil dries to the touch. Not to water the plants at their rosette growth may lead to root rot.

Feed: Application of any slow-release fertilizer during the spring season.


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  1. Priyanga

    Affordable price and silver Siam snake plants are healthy

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