Plant Feature: We deliver uprooted healthy Snake plant 'cylindrica' with bulbs & perfect root development.  '> Snake Plant 'Cylindrica' Uprooted - Santhi Online Plants Nursery
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Snake Plant 'Cylindrica' Uprooted - Santhi Online Plants Nursery

Snake Plant ‘Cylindrica’ Uprooted

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Get the popular Snake plant ‘cylindrica’ Uprooted plants at a reasonable cost. It is a robust, decorative, strong plant that fits any indoors and gives the classic 


Plant Feature: We deliver uprooted healthy Snake plant ‘cylindrica’ with bulbs & perfect root development.


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Snake Plant ‘Cylindrica’ Uprooted


Buy the Snake plant ‘cylindrica’- uprooted from our Santhi online plant nursery website. The Sansevieria cylindrica has hand shaped robust growth. It is called Dracaena angolensis and it is tropical flower plant  & one of the decorative plants. This cylindrical snake plant from South Africa. You buy various decorative plants from our website.


Specialty Of Plant: Cylindrica snake plant has hand like foliage and is a highly decorative  plants.

Best to place the plants indoors bring good luck to the home & purify the air.


Plant Care


Soil:Snake plant ‘cylindrica’ uprooted ones grows well in coco peat oragnic pot mix or good drainage soil.

Water: Avoid watering the indoor decorative plants often. Water the sansevieria ‘cylindrica’ plants only when 2.5 inches of growth medium dries.

Sunlight: This plant thrives well in low-light conditions. 

Feed: Application of organic fertilizer during the spring season, remember not to feed the plants during winter.

Pot Size: The best pot size for a snake plant is 18 inches in diameter and 24 inches deep.

Pruning: Remove the yellow leaves alone so as not to prune the dracaena angolensis plants. Remove plant off shoots that pop up from the soil to start new cylindrical snake plants.


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We Santhi online plants have 195+ plants online that are eco-friendly healthy plants at reasonable cost. Hence we recommend to buy plants & products from us.

For more, kindly visit our website & get the decorative plants online with the best rooting.


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    Affordable cost uprooted Snake plants

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    “Thriving with online love.”

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