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Senecio Cephalophorus 'Orange Flame' - Santhi Online Plants Nursery

Senecio Cephalophorus ‘Orange Flame’


Buy the beautiful succulent Senecio cephalophorus ‘orange flame’ plant that produces orange flame-colored flowers & leaves and has compact rosette growth. 


Plant Feature: Succulent, ornamental hanging and xeriscaping Plants


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Senecio Cephalophorus’Orange Flame’


Buy the Senecio Cephalophorus’Orange Flame’ Succulent plant from our Santhi online plants nursery website. This succulent has paddle-shaped, greyish-green foliage growing in rosettes on well-branched clumps. As soon as this variety is planted, offsets will appear. Pom-pom flowers display fiery, reddish-orange color and attract butterflies. We have different varieties of succulents & cactus plants you get from our online plant shopping websites.


Leaves: Green, blue, or striped leaves, thick and fleshy.Some are round, some that are banana-shaped, and some that stand upright.


Flowers: On long stems, Senecio flowers form in orange colour flowers clusters.


Benefits of  Senecio Cephalophorus’Orange Flame’

Compact Succulent

Ornamental Houseplant

Perfect Hanging Plant

The orange flower attracts butterflies & bees.


Plant Care


Growth Medium: Well-aerated medium cocopeat pot mix or succulent potting mix. Preferably mild acidic soil.

Sunlight: Senecio plant requires only indirect sun light of 4-5 hours. Avoid placing this orange colour flower plant in direct sunlight it may scorch the leaves.

Watering: Possibly water the plants once to twice in a week.

Fertilizer: As this succulent is not a heavy feeder, application of organic fertilizer during growing season.


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