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Rhoeo Pot Plant - Tradescantia Spathacea - Santhi Online Plants Nursery

Rhoeo Pot Plant – Tradescantia Spathacea


Rhoeo spathacea or Moses in the Cradle is a colorful, evergreen clump-forming plant featuring two colors of foliage – green on top and purple beneath. This plant has rapid vigorous growth, heat tolerance, low maintenance, and upright mounding growth habit.



Note: This plant is sold along a self-drainage pot.

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Rhoeo Pot Plant – Tradescantia Spathacea


Buy the Rhoeo Pot Plant – Tradescantia Spathacea from our Santhi online plants nursery website. The Rhoeo plant is commonly called Moses in the cradle plant. It is a tender perennial and has an upright mounding growth habit, heat tolerance, and vivid colors making this plant a great choice for landscape and mixed containers. You can variety of landscaping plants from our online plant store.


Plant Details


Common Name: Moss in the Cradle

Scientific Name: Tradescantia spathacea Rhoeo

Family: Commelinaceae


Rhoeo Pot Plant – Tradescantia Spathacea


Rhoeo plant is known to improve air quality by removing harmful pollutants and producing oxygen, making them a valuable addition to indoor spaces.

Moses in the cradle plant is one of the perfect landscaping plants.


Plant Care 


  • Water the moss in the cradle plant when top soil is dry to touch
  • Place the plant in indirect sunlight for about 3-4 hours
  • Use any organic manure like cow manure or goat manure to encourage plant growth faster. 
  • Plant placement: Either hanging plant or tabletop plant.


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