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Red And White Anthurium Combo - Santhi Online Plants Nursery

Red And White Anthurium Combo

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Get the gorgeous Red and White Anthurium combo at a reasonable cost. Anthurium plants are air purifiers & best ornamental plants. Get 6 Anthurium Plants at a single combo at an affordable cost of Rs.892/-


Anthurium Plants included in this Combo are

  1. Anthurium Mauritius Red * 2
  2. Anthurium Mauritius White * 2
  3. Anthurium Red Dragon * 2


Note6 Anthurium Plants are sold in pots.

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Red And White Anthurium Combo


Buy the Red and White Anthurium combo from our Santhi online plant nursery website. These red anthurium plants bloom frequently in vibrant colors. The waxy bloom is a spathe or shield-like leaf. When in bloom, it protects the spadix, which contains several tiny flowers. The white Anthurium flower is mild white and has a green spathe. You can buy different colors of anthurium online plants from us.


Plant Care For Red and White Anthurium combo



Providing water and improving relative humidity through misting. Apply water three days once around the plants in case of hand watering.


Both flower plants require indirect bright light. Avoid direct sun light it may fade leaves or tip browning.


Top dressing of soil with vermicompost or any animal manure over the growth medium.




1. This exclusive offer provides red and white anthurium flower plants that remove indoor pollutants such as xylene, toluene & others

2. NASA-approved air-purifier plants cleanse your environment clean & fresh.

3. Perfect plants to gift your loved ones. Hurry for the exclusive offer.


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We have about 25+ varieties of anthurium online plants purchase your favorite variety from our online garden store & grow beautiful plants around you. 

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