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Philodendron Rojo Congo Plant - Santhi Online Plants Nursery

Philodendron Rojo Congo Plant

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Philodendron Rojo congo is an excellent household and rare plant species. This plant is categorised under indoor, air purifiers and foliage plants. 

  • FAMILY: Araceae
  • HYBRID: Florida  
  • SOIL: Organic potting soil is best suitable to buy from our online plant store
  • SUNLIGHT: Needs indirect bright sunlight
  • WATERING: Water the plants when topsoil is dry to touch.

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Philodendron Rojo Congo Plant

Buy Philodendron Rojo Congo Plant from Santhi online plant nursery website. It is a rare, evergreen, hybrid between two philodendron species. The plant is native to South America. It is a big leafy plant with heart-shaped leaves that are glossy in appearance, and stems are red coppery colour purchase live plants online. This plant is not a climber; it grows upright & spreads straight outwards termed self-heading.

FERTILIZER: Use any all-purpose organic fertilizer bought from our online plant store. Fertilizer application can be given to plants in the summer season.

PROPAGATION: Done through stem cuttings.

REPOTTING:  Should be done, when you find roots grown out of the pot. Transfer the plant to a 1 or 2-inch big pot with nutrient-rich organic soil, and water the plant once you repotted it to get settled by the plant in the soil to start new growth.

This plant is an evergreen plant. It sheds every month for new growth, with no need for pruning, you can also prune the plant when the plant looks sad or poor to see. We have a great collection of plants in our online plant nursery and choose the best plants for your home.


  • Best low-maintenance indoor plants
  •  Philodendron Rojo congo is the strongest air purifier, purifying air-borne pollutants.
  • It is a beautiful decor plant that can be placed in the room and gives attractive emerald green colour as a jungle appearance

Philodendron Rojo congo is in high demand nowadays, we offer these plants at an affordable cost and you can buy the best online plants from us.


  • Place the plant in an appropriate size pot, and fill it with the required amount of organic potting mix till the neck of the pot.
  • Water the plant when 50 % topsoil of the plant seems to dry. Don’t overwater the plants; it may lead to root rot.
  • To keep in bright indirect sunlight. 
  • Apply any organic fertilizer for two weeks once. Choose the best fertiliser from our best online store Feed during summer (growing season) 
  • Avoid watering and fertilizer application in the rainy season.


  • Leaves are toxic to pets if eaten.

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