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Pandanus Tectorius-Screwpine - Santhi Online Plants Nursery

Pandanus Tectorius-Screwpine


Buy the popular screwpine pandanus tectorius which is the perfect hedge plant in landscape & garden design. This plant must be a great addition to your ornamental foliage plants.


Plant Feature: Ornamental Pine foliage plant & grows best as a border or hedge plant.

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Pandanus Tectorius-Screwpine


Buy the Pandanus tectorius – Screwpine from our Santhi Online plants nursery website. The pandanus tectorius plants are small evergreen trees with woody branches. The Screw pine leaves are thin green long with spines over the edges. The plant grows fast & reaches a height of about 10 meters & and the canopy is spread about 5 to 12 meters in diameter. You can buy plants online at an affordable cost from us. 


Plant Benefits


One of the perfect hedge plants for home, office & other suitable locations.

The pandan plants grow best as ornamental hedges.

Most important plant in landscape garden designs especially for foliage & trunk.


How To Grow Pandanus tectorius – Screwpine


Soil: The Pandanus tectorius screwpine plant grows well in good areated soil rich in organic matter.

Watering: Water the plants moderately, Supply water weekly once or twice on alternate days. Remember not to water the plants during rainy & winter seasons.

Sunlight: This plant thrives best in indirect continuous bright light.

Feed: Application of any organic fertilizer for 15 days once for pandan plants.

Pruning: Keep the screw pine leaves trimmed to enhance the good plant structure.


Precaution: Not to ingest the Pandanus tectorius screwpine leaves.


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