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Pack Of Best 4 Aglaonema Plants - Santhi Online Plants Nursery

Pack Of Best 4 Aglaonema Plants

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The Pack of Best 4 Aglaonema plants are elite varieties with stricking pinkish red foliage. The plants under this pack  are categorized under indoor, decorative plants & mild air-purifier plants.


List of Plants in the combo

  1. Aglaonema Lipstick *1
  2. Aglaonema Red Valentine*1
  3. Aglaonema Pink Valentine *2

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Pack Of Best 4 Aglaonema Plants



Buy a Pack of Best 4 Aglaonema plants from our Santhi Online Plants nursery website. The Aglaonema plants are flowering plants belongs to Araceae family,the leaves of Aglaonema plants gives great look to the indoor environment. Most plants in this are Aglaonema lipstick gives perfect reddish-pink look, Red valentine gives stunning red folaige & Pink valentine has baby pink foliage & this pack plants has rhizomotous growth from the base.You can purchase best plant combo from our online plant shopping & grow beautiful foliage plants around you.

Plant Placement: Thrives best at Indoors such as dinning tables, living rooms, meeting halls, & other suitable indoor environments.

Growth Rate: Moderate to slow growth.

Propagation: Select the mature shoots from healthy mother plants, Just cut the shoots from the plants & insert them into well-aerated growth medium.

Repotting: Transfer the Aglaonema combo plants to suitable size pot with drainge holes yearly once.

Pruning: Trim the matured & yellow colored folaige alone.Not to prune the plants often.

Plant Care

Soil : Required well-aerated moist fertile soil

Water: Application water should be done weekly once & only growth medium should be moist not to allow stagnent water over the growth medium.

Sunlight: This Combo plants requires only 2-4 hours of filtered bright sun light.

Fertilizer: Application of slow release oragnic fertilizer monthly once around this foliage plants combo.

Dust Cleaning: Regularly clean the dust those are present over the foliage by using soft cloth.

Benefits of Aglaonema plants

The plants in this combo are mild air-purifiers cleans the indoor pollutants & toxins.

Leaves of this Aglaonema plants are gorgeously patterned & gives most attractiveness to living space.

Note: Aglaonema plants in this combo are sold along with self watering pots.

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