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Jatropha Red Plant

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Jatropha Red Plant


Jatropha is a flowering plant genus belonging to the Euphorbiaceae family of spurges and you can buy plants online. It is home to over 170 different succulent plants, shrubs, and trees. It has a swelling, short stem, upright crimson clusters of tiny flowers that bloom throughout the year, and three- to five-lobed palmate (fanlike) leaves. Male and female flowers are produced separately by plants. You can buy seeds online.

Name: Jatropha Red Plant

Scientific name: Neettlespurges

Origin: Coastal areas of Tamilnadu and Kerala

Height: 6 to 10 feet

Family: Euphorbiaceae

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About Jatropha Red Plant

Buy Jatropha Red Plant in India online from Santhi online plant nursery website.

Jatropha in full sun to moderate shade, plant. Those that are grown in full light, on the other hand, produce the most flowers. As long as the soil is well-draining, spicy Jatropha is unconcerned with the pH. It spreads quickly once established. A consistent watering regimen is required for the first growing season to ensure that the plant develops a deep and broad root system. The jatropha tolerates drought and salty conditions to a degree.


  • This herb has traditionally been used to cure dysentery and diarrhoea.
  • Jatropha latex includes an alkaloid called “Jatrophine,” which is thought to have anti-cancer effects.
  • This evergreen blooming shrub is ornamental for borders, landscaping accents/specimens, foundations, or patio pots in winter hardy.
  • Container plants may be carried indoors during the winter or cultivated as houseplants in colder areas.


For the first week after planting the plant, Jatropha Red Plant should water it regularly. After that, you can reduce the watering time to alternate days. When the soil surface appears dry after two weeks, water the plant; this is feasible because jatropha is a drought-tolerant plant; pruning of Jatropha can be done at any time. For tree growth, they can be trimmed as a single trunk or tip pruned for internal branching. Tip trimming gives the plant a circular shape and gives it the appearance of a shrub. You can buy seeds online.

4 reviews for Jatropha Red Plant

  1. Shalini

    Healthy and well-rooted! Thank you

  2. Sivaranjani V (verified owner)

    Plants and roots are well packed nd good . Thanks

  3. Siva v

    Plants and roots are well packed nd good . Thanks

  4. joyfullachu

    Nice color

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