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Navratri Special Combo - Santhi Online Plants Nursery

Navratri Special Combo

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The most -awaited navratri festival is celebrated along with plants.For this festive season plants also decorated along with dolls around you.Get the best plants online from us at affordable cost.


List of plants in the combo


  1. Cordyline ti-hybrid
  2. Sedum adolphii-succulent
  3. Opuntia tuna monstrosa- Cactus
  4. Mini Ixora Red
  5. Black Nochi
  6. Lemon plant
  7. Teak
  8. Alternanthera -Parrot Leaf
  9. Philodendron oxycardium golden
  10. Layered Jasmine-Adukku malli
  11. Allamanda yellow Creeper
  12. Money plant


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Navratri Special Combo


Buy Navratri special combo plants from our Santhi online plants nursery website. These Navratri combo plants are most special & decorate your home with green gifts. Cordyline ti-hybrid, Sedum adolphii-succulent, Opuntia tuna monstrosa- Cactus & others in the combo are garden’s friendly outdoor plants that grow with a little amount of water.

Secondly navaratri festival is to be celebrated by placing 9 steps with various dolls we offer 12 different plant varieties in this pack with low maintenance & care. Flowers plant varieties in this combo are used to offer ma Durya Godess.On this special season plant each sapling day by day & bring wealth, prosperity, happiness & greater health to your home by planting Navaratri green gifts.

Cordyline ti-hybrid: Luck bringing ornamental plants.

Sedum & Opuntia Monstrosa: Vastu plants for home

Mini ixora, Layered jasmine & Allamanda yellow flowers: Customers’ demanded flower plant varieties that are perennial plants.

Money Plant & Philodendron : NASA-approved air purifier plants decorated with navaratri golu.

Alternanthera Parrot Leaf: Purple-pink foliage represents unconditional love & faith.

Lemon: The lemon & plant is believed to be sacred fruit and this plant is needed for day-to-day culinary activities.

Black Nochi: This traditional herbal plant has many health benefits.

Teak: It is a best tree plant & money giving tree within a short time.

Hurry & buy our most exciting Navratri special combo from us.

Plant Care

Soil: Wide range of soil with well drained structure or coco peat potting mix.

Sunlight: Requires direct light for outdoors or indirect light for indoors.

Watering: Water the plants only when 2-3 inches of topsoil dries.

Feed: Application of any good organic fertilizer such as cow manure or goat manure around the green ones monthly once.

We offer more online plants & organic fertilizer at a very reasonable cost. We have more than 200+ varieties of plants. Get the best varieties from us & make your environment green with our lovely green ones.Kindly visit our website and purchase best varieties.



4 reviews for Navratri Special Combo

  1. Prabakaran R

    Super combo… with multiple category

  2. Jisha

    Super combo

  3. Lalitha

    Nice combo

  4. Pravin kumar

    “Adding beauty to my home.”

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