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Mini Orange - Santhi Online Plants Nursery

Mini Orange

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Purchase Mini orange ornamental plants at the lowest cost. This plant bears miniature orange & fragrant white flowers. Flower fragrance surrounds your environment fresh & sweet. Get at Rs.69/-

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Mini Orange


Buy the mini orange ornamental plants from our Santhi online plant nursery website. This mini orange fruit plant is dwarf and produces fragrant flowers which sometimes smell bitter. Miniorange fruits are tart and taste like acid lemon.

About Plant 

Scientific NameCitrus mitis

Plant Height: About 4 to 6 inches

Plant Purpose: Ornamental 

Fruit Taste: Sweet to Sour

Plant Care

Soil: Wide range of well-drained soil or cocopeat potting mix.

Watering: Water the mini orange fruit plant thoroughly during summer. Minimize watering during rainy & monsoon seasons.

Sunlight: Small orange plant placement can be done both indoors & outdoors so that the plant requires sun light of 4-5 with partial shade

Fertilizer: Application of Panchagavya or neem oil as primary spray & vermicompost as top dressing.


  The small orange fruit plants are excellent ornamental plants.

  And Miniorange fruits are edible easy to peel, seedless & sour to sweet.

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4 reviews for Mini Orange

  1. tejushirke01

    Very healthy plant

  2. Lalitha

    Very nice fruit for garden.

  3. Priyanga

    Good yielding fruit plant

  4. Prabakaran R

    Good fruit plant for terrace garden……. received my plants with well rooted condition.

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