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Lalit guava - Santhi Online Plants Nursery

Lalit guava

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Buy the Lalit superior guava from Apple guava & it yields higher than the commercial varieties. It is the best market-value guava variety. Get plants online at an affordable cost from us.

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Lalit guava


Buy the Lalit guava from our Santhi online plants nursery website. The Lalit variety of guava has wider adaptability to different places of guava growing regions of the country. This guava tree bears pink firm pulp & each fruit weighs about 185-200 grams with excellent sugar content. Get a variety of guava plant online from us.




This Lalit variety Guava contains 250mg/100 g of Vitamin ‘C’ content.

Guava benefits include higher anti-oxidants, minerals & fibers.

This guava tree has high high-yielding variety other than commercial varieties.


Plant Care

This guava plant requires a suitable large-size grow bag with good drainage holes.

And also suitable soil surface for plant growth.

Water the plants weekly twice & also through drip irrigation for large scale farming.

Sunlight: Requires full direct sunlight.

Soil: Deep, friable, light sandy loam to clay soil with pH 6.5-8.5 is suitable for its cultivation

The application of Panchagavya is beneficial if there are pest infestations.



We have 280+ plants online. Our plant production is through natural and organic methods and we offer good healthy plants and the best quality organic products that are safe for eco-friendly, hence we recommend you buy online plants from us and grow guava tree in your garden area.


And, we hope you that we are the best online plant nursery. To buy any plants and products you can visit our website and choose your favorite guava plant online.






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