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Khirni fruit plant - Manilkara hexandra - Santhi Online Plants Nursery

Khirni fruit plant – Manilkara hexandra

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Buy the climatic fruit Khirni fruit plant(Rayan tree) that has medicinal value. This plant looks like sapota or chikku but the plant yields a handful of bright yellow Khirni fruits. Get a variety of fruit plants from us reasonable cost.

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Khirni fruit plant – Manilkara hexandra


Buy the Khirni fruit plant – Manilkara hexandra, Rayan tree from our Santhi online plants nursery website. The Khirni fruit plant or Rayan tree is attached to the hybrid sapotta rootstock so it resembles like sapotta tree. Manilkara hexandra belongs to the same family as chikku or sapotta. Fruits are oval & bright yellow. This plant is native to South Asia and it is an evergreen perennial slow-growing tree. You can buy a variety of fruit trees from our online garden store.


Plant Details 


Common Name: Khirni Fruit or Rayan Tree

Scientific NameManilkara hexandra 

Plant Type: Fruit-bearing tree

Fruiting: Climatic fruit starts yielding from 3rd year.

Fruit Taste: edible, sweet, milky and acidic.


Plant care for Khirni fruit plant – Manilkara hexandra


Soil: The Khirini fruit plant adapted to a wide range of soil. To get good economic yield deep loam and well-drained soils are needed or organic potting mix with good moisture retention content.

Watering: Keep the soil consistently moist not waterlogged.

Sunlight: This Manilkara hexandra grows well in full to partial sunlight.

Feed: Feed any organic fertilizer monthly once till the rayan tree matures.

Harvest : 3 years after harvesting, Harvest fruits after ripening.


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