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Green Diwali Combo - Santhi Online Plants Nursery

Green Diwali Combo

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Make this Diwali as GREEN Diwali by preventing environment from harmful fire-crackers. Let us Celebrate this special occasion by planting more green plant parents. Hurry & Buy this exciting combo. Offer is very limited.We sell plants online at very low cost. Get the various category of plants at one combo.

List of plants in the Combo

Flower Plants

1. Tecoma Golden yellow

2. Allamanda yellow bush

3. Ixora Pink

4.Ixora Mini Dwarf (Red)

5. Parijatham- Gardenia Small

6. Crape Jasmine mini- Nanthiyavattai

7.Ixora Red

8.Vivasaya Nandhiyavattai- Crape Jasmine

9.Ixora Mini Dwarf Pink

10. Nerium oleander Pink

11. Nerium oleander Red

12. Nerium oleander Hybrid Pink

13. Nerium oleander white

14. Allamada Yellow creeper

15. Thunbergia grandiflora blue


16. Sanchezia

17. Cryptanthus pink

18. Pedilanthus variegated pink

19. Pedilanthus tithymaloides

20. Polyscias fruticosa

21. Ficus big leaf

22. Euphorbia tithymaloides Variegated

23. Tradescantia Rheo Green

24. Aralia Green

25. Bush clock laurifolia blue

26. Hamelia patens

27. Jatropa Red

28. Cordyline hybrid-ti plants

29. Euphoria tithymaloides green

30.Golden dust small leaf


31. Syngonium White Butterfly

32. Syngonium Green Gold

33.Bronze Syngonium

34. ZZ- Zamia Black

35. Aglaonema silver stripes

36. Diffenbachia


37. Teak

38. Kadamba tree plant


39.Long Chilli




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Green Diwali Combo


Buy the Green Diwali combo plants from our Santhi online plants nursery website. The plants in this combo are flowering plants, croton plant, indoor, vegetable & tree plants.

Green Diwali combo plants well-rooted with nano cover plants are the most environment friendly having many benefits. Green Diwali main concept is to celebrate affecting the environment & mother nature by harmful firecrackers.

Planting these green combo plants makes your environment fresh & green. Buy the best combo plants from our online plant shopping & grow more beautiful varieties.

Plant Care & Maintenance

  1. Flowering plants: This category of plants in this combo is low maintenance with minimum care. 
  2. Croton plant: Use houseplant crotons for decoration outdoors.
  3. Indoor: Most beautiful foliage husband.
  4. Vegetable: Fast growing & high yielding plant.
  5. Tree plants: Profit giving tree crop in short duration.

Soil: Well-drained soil or coco peat potting mix

Sun light: Requires direct sun light for all categories of plants except for indoors needs indirect bright light 

Watering: Generally, follow the thumb rule to water both indoor & outdoor plants.

Fertilizer: We recommend applying any good organic fertilizer monthly once.

Pruning: Prune the plants depending on varieties.

We have 190+ plants online at a very affordable cost. We offer bulk plants in a single combo with healthy rooted plants. For more visit our & choose your favourite ones.



4 reviews for Green Diwali Combo

  1. Jisha

    Wow really,this is really helpful

  2. Priyanga

    Really its green Diwali at our home.Thanks to Santhi online plants

  3. Priyanga

    Really great.Thanks to Santhi Online Plants

  4. Prabakaran R

    Beautiful combo….. waiting for my plants

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