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Ficus Benjamina Green-Weeping Fig - Santhi Online Plants Nursery

Ficus Benjamina Green-Weeping Fig

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The Ficus benjamina green weeping fig is a good houseplant with marvelous leaves. This is categorized under crotons, foliage & tree.

  •  COMMON NAME:  Weeping Fig
  •  SCIENTIFIC NAMEFicus benjamina 
  •  FAMILY: Moraceae
  •  SOIL: Well-aerated soil or coco peat potting mix
  •  ORIGIN: Asia & Australia
  •  PLANT HEIGHT: 5 to 8 inches.

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Ficus Benjamina Green-Weeping Fig

Buy the Ficus benjamina green-weeping fig plant from our Santhi online plant nursery website. This Ficus benjamina tree plant is the evergreen perennial perfect houseplant. Weeping fig leaves are green, glossy with broad leaves. The interior tree has creeping branches. Ficus benjamina plant grows as a tree & mature plant grows upto the height of 30 meters.

FERTILIZER: Application of any organic manure around the plants.

PROPAGATION: Easily propagated through stem cuttings.

TRANSPLANTATION: Remove the plants from the pot when the plant growth seems to be large & transfer the plants to the proper suitable place.

PRUNING: Prune the dead leaves & stems only in the dormant season.


  • Weeping fig removes indoor pollutants & toxins as they are excellent air-purifier plants.
  • Fast growing popular houseplant for both decorative & environmental.
  • Foliage of this ficus plant gives a natural green look through their bushier leaves

Ficus benjamina green weeping fig plants are the most popular nowadays and in high demand nowadays, we offer these plants at affordable cost and you can buy the best online plants from us.


  • This plant requires a good drainage pot of 10-12” at the intial stage.
  • Water the plants only when the soil dries.
  • Sunlight: Requires direct sunlight of about 4-5 hours.
  • Application of any organic manure monthly once around the plants helps to increase plant growth.


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7 reviews for Ficus Benjamina Green-Weeping Fig

  1. Priyanga

    Good packing.Fastest delivery.Healthy green plants.

  2. Vaishali

    Plants are growing very soon☘️

  3. Vaishali

    Plants containing a biodegradable cover which will never affect the environment

  4. Gopi

    Good packing without plastic

  5. Pravin kumar

    Fast delivery & nice packing

  6. vikraman

    Just Buy!! Good value for money & healthy plants

  7. Vinitha

    My plants are thriving! Will definitely buy this plant again when needed

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