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Euphorbia Milii Pink Pot Plants - Santhi Online Plants Nursery

Euphorbia Milii Pink Pot Plants

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Buy the beautiful & rare succulent plant online. This plant is commonly called the crown of thorns and has a cactus-like stem & it continuously flowers all around the year. Place your orders soon and this plant sale ends soon.


Note: This plant is sold along with a drainable pot.

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Euphorbia Milii Pink Pot Plants


Buy the Euphorbia milii pink pot plant from our Santhi online plant nursery website. The euphorbia milii plant belongs to Euphorbiaceae originated from Madagascar. This plant grows as a succulent with oval leaves and, a thorny shrub, reaching a height between ten and fifty centimeters based on its age. Euphorbia milii is said to be Christ’s plant it is due to its resemblance of the crown of Christ. You can buy crown of thorn like succulent plants from our online garden store.


Plant Key Feature

Euphorbia milli plants are ornamental succulent indoor plants. 

Pink flowers attract many bees & butterflies.


Flower Yield: Euphorbia milli flowers profusely all over the year between 


Plant Care


Soil: It is advisable to keep the euphorbia milli plants in fast-draining soil 

Watering: Water the pink flowers euphorbia plants weekly once or twice needs a gap between drying intervals.

Kindly, remember not to water the plants over the stem & leaves.

Sunlight: This plant thrives best at direct sun light of about 3-4 hours of bright light of full sun.

Feed: Feed the plants using NPK-rich organic fertilizer during the spring season for two weeks once. In other seasons feed the plants with organic fertilizers.



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    Good pot plant.

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